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Radio stations for every type of industry


Portable radios were originally developed only for military use. They were the means they used to communicate quickly, efficiently and reliably at close range. But today they have spread to other areas, for example, the use of radio for schools is becoming more common.
Perhaps the newest area is education. An area where timely and effective communication is crucial to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.

Radio stations for personal safety

Private security requires radio equipment that guarantees excellent autonomy and clear transmission without interruptions. These are some of the functions that private security radios should have. But they must also meet high quality standards, be convenient and easy to use.

Be sure to supply your work group with radios with a range of more than 18 hours without recharging. Taking into account that in many cases, changing shifts does not allow you to charge the battery.

This way, your security department will increase its productivity and efficiency in work.


Ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests should be a priority, and you can achieve this by purchasing hotel radios. Using these portable devices is also convenient to ensure the safety of your work group.

The communication system in your hotel using portable radios is an unobtrusive and reliable way to keep in touch between all the links of your human chain.

Radio stations for oil refineries

Workers on an oil rig are constantly exposed to gas explosions, chemical vapors or fuel dust. That is why it is necessary to guarantee your safety through secure and reliable communication, which is why we recommend using radios for oil refineries.

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