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  • What did the poultry tell the person who attempted to shoot it? Liberty, Equality and Bad strive for all.
  • Who dosent eat on Thanksgiving? A poultry since it is always stuffed.
  • Why did the Pilgrims wish to sail to America early in the year? Because April showers bring Mayflowers!
  • Dear Turkeys, don’t worry… they merely love us for the breasts too. Sincerely, women.
  • What did baby corn tell mama corn? Where’s popcorn?
  • When the Pilgrims were alive today, what can they be most well-known for? How Old They Are!
  • Why can’t you are taking a poultry to church? They will use FOWL language.
  • Why was the Thanksgiving soup so costly? It’d 24 carrots.
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  • Most turkeys taste better the next day. My mother’s sampled better yesterday.

    – Rita Rudner

  • Americans observe Thanksgiving greatly because the pilgrims did in 1621, by pepper-spraying one another at malls.

    – Dave Craig

  • Preparing for shopping tomorrow. Just knocked my granny down.

    – Bridger Winegar

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving the American way: spend some money it’s not necessary on Chinese products.

    – Andy Borowitz

  • My loved ones always celebrates Thanksgiving having a fast. The faster we eat, the greater food we obtain.

    – Melanie White-colored

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