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Large Photograph Collections

USGS Multimedia Gallery

The most up-to-date repository for USGS photographs, videos, and podcasts. This only contains a small amount of historic images, many of which have been in the below Denver Photo taking Library.

USGS on Flickr

Over 45 different albums with almost 1,000 public domain photos.

USGS Denver Photo taking Library

Over 37,000 archived, high-resolution, historic photographs and several special collections of latest photographs. The majority are black and white-colored however a few have been in color. It is really an especially great place to locate photos of glaciers, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and general geology.

Vascular Flora of Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Countless high-resolution photographs of plants, wild birds, and insects most of them present with other areas from the U.S.

Land Cover Trends Field Photo Map

Over 30,000 medium- to high-resolution geographically-referenced landscape photographs that are members of a U . s . States Land Cover Trends project. Search by keyword or focus on locations.

Specialized Photograph Collections

Volcano Observatory Image Galleries

Links to photographs all USGS volcano observatories along with a volcano photoglossary.

Pictures of Kilauea [Volcano] East Rift Zone Eruption, 1983-1993

Spectacular, high-resolution photographs which include fountaining lava and scientists at the office (477 photographs).

Selected Pictures of the Pu’u ‘O’o-Kupaianaha Eruption, 1983-1997

Very high-resolution photographs of eruptions and lava. There’s some overlap using the above collection. (100 photographs).

Volcanoes from the Wrangell Mountain tops and Prepare Inlet Region, Alaska–Selected Photographs

Photographs selected to portray Alaska’s volcanoes, eruptive activity, and the plethora of volcanic phenomena observed there.

Earthquake Photo Collections

Photographs from specific earthquakes in California, Alaska, Washington, and Poultry.

Geology of Nature

Medium-resolution photographs that mostly illustrate geologic features on federal lands within the western U . s . States. Images have been in both 3D and standard format.

Seaside and Marine Geology Video and Photograph Portal

A large number of pics and vids from the seafloor and shoreline. Presently only covers seaside California and Massachusetts, with aerial shoreline images along areas of the Gulf and also the mid-Atlantic coasts.

Water Science Photos

Area of the Water Science School website, these low-resolution photos show types of the various ways in which water happens in nature, how water can be used, and just how water is measured.


A glacier reference with lots of low-resolution photographs of glaciers. More images are in the Repeat Photography website documenting the retreat of glaciers in Glacier Park.

Energy Multimedia Gallery

Photographs of oil-producing geology in Alaska and Greenland gas hydrate production and burning hydraulic fracturing and uranium production at Arizona’s Kanab North Mine.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Photo Gallery

A restricted quantity of top quality photos of amphibians, wild birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles.

Locate an image images along areas of theNovelty Helmet Photographs

High-resolution pictures of eagles and nests in Barataria Bay, Louisiana.

Bee Photographs

Amazingly detailed, high-resolution close-ups of bees and related insect species in the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Laboratory.

Microbiology Image Gallery

Low-resolution photos of cyanobacteria plus other bacteria and microbes.

Planetary Image Facility

Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images

Aerial Photographs

Download air photos through EarthExplorer or even the more user-friendly (but stiffer) GloVis. Including aerial photography dating back 1931 and much more recent orthoimagery (geometrically remedied aerial photographs).

Satellite Images – Quick Access and occasional-Tech

  • LandsatLook – Simulated natural color images in JPEG format. No specialized software or technical expertise is needed.
  • EROS Image Gallery – High resolution satellite pictures of artistic scenes from around the world plus satellite mosaics of every U.S. condition.
  • Landsat Image Gallery – High-resolution, pre-made posters with satellite images and informative text describing notable occasions, features, and metropolitan areas.
  • Land Remote Sensing Image Collections – Before/after satellite images from around the world showing alterations in our planet’s surface. Download low-resolution or medium-resolution images.
  • Earthshots – Satellite images that track progressive alterations in our planet’s surface at locations around the world. High-resolution images include detailed explanations and references.

Satellite Images – Full Data Sets

Download satellite images using EarthExplorer or GloVis (a less complicated interface). The USGS controls the Landsat satellite and distributes additional imagery using their company satellites. Imagery dates 1972-present. Within GloVis, the TerraLook image collections have been in simulated natural color and JPEG format.

Additional Causes of Geospatial Data

* The USGS comes with some copyrighted images within our products as well as on our websites that we’re using with permission in the proprietors. Individuals copyrighted images ought to be clearly marked.

Resourse: https://education.usgs.gov/

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