Story starts to solve about drowned syrian boy

Story starts to solve about drowned syrian boy years old drowned child

WSJ notes that Abdullah known as her right before he was because of leave Poultry, he told his sister he planned on getting the whole family with him to Europe, claiming his wife couldn’t support their two sons alone.

“If we go, we go many of us,Inches Ms. Kurdi recounted him declaring that. She stated she spoke to his wife a week ago, who informed her she was frightened of water and couldn’t go swimming.

“I stated to her, ‘I cannot push you to definitely go. Should you not wish to go, don’t go,’” she stated. “But I suppose all of them made the decision they wanted to get it done altogether.”

The household boarded a 15-feet boat meant to bring them in the Turkish resort capital of scotland- Bodrum towards the Greek Island of Kos.

Based on earlier reports, the family’s application for asylum in Canada was rejected by Canada, but Canadian immigration government bodies told the BBC they’d no record of receiving a credit card applicatoin for refugee status from Abdullah. Tima later accepted the asylum application for your loved ones never was posted.

Tragically, the boat capsized Wednesday. Twelve passengers died consequently including Abdullah’s youthful sons and wife. He was the only real person in his family to outlive, however the photo of his 3-years old drowned child on the Turkish beach made headlines around the world.

Story starts to solve about drowned syrian boy of water and couldn

One Australian politician blamed the daddy for that dying from the boy once the Australian Parliament debated the refugee issue. Senator Cory Bernardi told Australia’s Parliament he wasn’t swayed by “these emotive arguments, especially to characterise this as some kind of humanitarian mission”.

While acknowledging that the boy’s dying would be a tragedy, he stated: “That boy and the family had resided in Poultry for 3 years. The cash for your boy’s father to pay for the folks smugglers was sent from Canada.” He added, “The father sent them with that boat therefore the father might get dental care. These were in no fear, these were in no persecution plus they were in no danger in Poultry.”

Story starts to solve about drowned syrian boy that Abdullah

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