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Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Tickle your students’ funny bones now with a few perfectly timed Thanksgiving jokes.  They’re kid-friendly and teacher (and mother!) approved.  Have you got a favorite Thanksgiving joke that you simply tell your kids?  Share it around below!

Poultry-rific Jokes for children

What did the poultry say prior to being roasted?

I’m stuffed!

Why was the poultry arrested?

It had been suspected of fowl play.

What smells the very best at Thanksgiving?

Onto your nose!

What sort of weather will a poultry like?

Fowl weather.

What always comes in the finish of Thanksgiving?

The letter G.

Why couldn’t the poultry eat dessert?

He was stuffed.

Which kind of secret is most widely used on Thanksgiving?

The poultry.

Are you going to from the poultry has got the most down?

The outdoors.

What exactly are there lots of when turkeys play baseball?

Fowl balls.

Are poultry leftovers good to improve your health?

Not if you are the poultry!

What are a few of your preferred kid-friendly Thanksgiving jokes? Share all of them with us around the Great Teachers forums or perhaps in your comments ought to below!


Watch This If You Want To Smile (Pizzamas Day 3)


Teresa Millar: Im a new nerdfighter, and I cant believe it has taken me so long to find my people

andrewxc1335: We accept her,\nWe accept her,\nGooble-gobble,\nGooble-gobble…

Golden Leaf: Welcome

vlogbrothers: Some people have suggested videos of people experiencing this kind of uncontrolled excitement and I'm adding them to the playlyst as I see them. Let me know if you have suggestions! Loving the comments on this! So glad it's resonating with people.

andrewxc1335: +TheBookGoddess And then her sister… Hehehe.

andrewxc1335: I also cried when the Mars lander made it, and celebrations broke out. Not at the event itself. If everyone were reserved, I would have made a silent "yes!" punch in the sky.\nIt was the celebrations of all of the people spending years of hard, dedicated work at NASA to make their dream a reality, culminating in a few hours of sheer, unadulterated terror that it might all be for naught. The release of that energy into unbridled joy was overwhelming.

thewinterizzy: I'm so over people making others feel bad for being excited about something and loving it so much they can't contain themselves. This was such a refreshing change of pace. Excitement about excitement. That's what I'm here for.

kiah dale: +izzy120391 phandom

Isabel Smith: +

Caer Ibormeith: Almost made me cry watching all the excitement. Just warmed my heart so much that the steam building up almost leaked out through my tear ducts.

MyNameIsNeda: +Caer Ibormeith I definitely teared up at the NASA video. So much happiness!

Bayleebutton: +AA Proyect-Alessa no shame in our happy leaky eyeballs!

justin King: Thunder snow deserves to be on that list

LastTalon: +justin King This is the first thing I thought of when he announced the topic.

andrewxc1335: I had never heard of this, prior to moving to Maryland. It was some time in March, after owning our own home. I heard the thunder and looked at my wife: "dafuq?"

Hallieisntbritish: Theres also "Color Blind Man Sees Purple For The First Time" by EZwithEthan who is just the most excitable little purple pumpkin ever.

Hallieisntbritish: Right? And its even better that he, as a youtuber, has that genuine sense of excitement just all the time in all his videos. He's really good at seeing beauty in everything.

Catherine Lu: +Hallieisntbritish YES, that one was so wonderful


Aerin L: i completely agree with you though. watching people being happy about things and just so openly excited is one of my favorite things, and makes me so excited and happy