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Before the holiday season, listed here are the Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Jokes in no specific order:

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #1

Right before Thanksgiving, we’ve received an earlier environment from your in-house weather reporters. This really is environment that you simply should email,tweet, or skype for your Mother.

This Thursday Turkeys will thaw each morning then warm within the oven to an mid-day high near 190F. Your kitchen will turn hot and damp and for those who bother the prepare be prepared for a serious

squall or cold shoulder.

Throughout the late mid-day and evening the cold front of the knife will slice with the poultry causing an amount of one or two inches on plates. Mashed taters will drift across one for reds while cranberry sauce creates slippery spots alternatively. Please pass the gravy.

Fat loss watch and indigestion warning happen to be issued for the whole area with elevated stuffiness round the beltway. Throughout the evening the poultry will diminish and decrease to leftovers shedding to some low of 34F within the refrigerator.

Searching ahead to Friday and Saturday ruthless to consume sandwiches is going to be established. Flurries of leftovers could be

expected both days having a 50 % possibility of scattered soup late within the day. We predict a warming trend where soup develops. By early next week eating pressure is going to be little as the only real wish left would be the bone.

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #2

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Arthur who?

Arthur any leftovers?

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #3

Two Cannibals are getting Thanksgiving Dinner…

One turns to another and states: "You realize I simply cannot stand my mother-in-law."

Another replies: "Then try the mash taters."

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #4

Why did they allow the poultry join this guitar rock band?

While he had the drumsticks!

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #5

It had been soon after Black Friday following Thanksgiving inside a local county courthouse in which a judge was questioning a stupid searching prisoner.

He requested the prisoner who had been within the pier ‘What are you currently billed with?’

The prisoner wise cracked ‘Doing my Christmas shopping too early’.

‘That’s no crime’ stated the judge. ‘Just how early had you been carrying this out shopping?’

‘Before the store opened’ clarified the prisoner having a silly grin.

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #6

You realize you are American whenever you fall into line at 3am on Black Friday to be able to save $5 at Walmart!

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #7

Why did law enforcement arrest the poultry?

They suspected it of fowl play.

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #8

So why do turkeys always go "gobble gobble"?

Simply because they never learned good table manners

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #9

Why did the poultry mix the street?

It had been the chicken’s break.

Top Ten Funny Thanksgiving Joke #10

‘Twas the night time of Thanksgiving However I just could not sleep.

I attempted counting backwards I attempted counting sheep

The leftovers beckoned — The dark meat and white-colored

However I fought against the temptation wonderful my might.

Being restless with anticipation

The idea of a snack grew to become infatuation.

And So I raced towards the kitchen Flung open the doorway

And looked in the fridge filled with goodies in abundance.

I gobbled up poultry and buttered taters

Pickles and carrots beans and tomato plants.

I felt myself swelling so plump and thus round

Till out of the blue I rose off the floor !!

I crashed with the ceiling. Floating in to the sky.

Having a mouthful of pudding and a number of cake

However I were able to yell when i soared beyond the trees




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Top 10+ Dirty Jokes


Bubbles Stanley: ok here is mine p.s i dont take credit for it my friend told me it.\n\nGirl-lets go to the amusement park, so i can go on a ride. \n\nBoy-why go there when you can ride me?\n\nGirl- i want to go on something that will actually make me scream.

Herobrine Crew: i got one\n\ngirl:how about we play a game\n\nboy:what game\n\ngirl:lets play mario stomping on goombas is better then stomping on your dick


That guy who steals the Milk from a party: I was gonna make a sex joke here.. Butt fuck it.

NeoN x SkiiDz: It was Christmas morning and a little girl was trying out her new bike….she passes a cop on a horse and the cop asks her "did santa get you that for Christmas" the girl replies with a nod….the cop then says "we'll ask santa next year for headlights for that bike" and fines her 5 euro….the girl responds saying "did santa get you that horse for Christmas" the cop who was laughing said "he sure did" the girl replies "we'll tell santa next year the dick goes on the bottom not the top"

Nata Nickii: Are you my homework? Cos I wanna slam you on a table and do you all night.

Rexonon C: I can remember my first dirty joke…\n\nI was 5…\n\nMe: Mom do you know another name for a triceratops.\n\nMom: I don't know a three horn?\n\nMe: no, HORNY!\n\nMom bursts into laughter.\n\nMe: Get it? he has three horns so he is horny!

gg Dabene: Rexonon C ,,z

Crushcroc GAMING: Rexonon C 1000 TH like.. Thought you should know dat

Tech HackerZz: girl: what is the meaning of life?\nboy: My Dick!!!!\ngirl: you're right! Life is short

Undertale On the surface: Tech Hacker OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!

Touka Dark: Why is Santa's sack so big?\n\n\nbecause he only comes once a year

Girl With The Tiny Body: +Fukase Is Boi its comes but k

Kylo Ten: I am 12 years old and I get all of these

Milo – Roblox and More!: Same with me

happy_hadley_12 3: Billy is a young little boy. \n\nBilly is still so young that he has to take showers with mommy and daddy. \n\nBilly went to take one with his mom. "Don't look up or down," Billy's mom said. \n\nBilly looked up. "Mommy, what's that?" He asked his mom. She replied saying "there my headlights."\n\nNext, billy looked down. "Mommy, what's that?" He asked his mom. "It's my garden," she said. \n\nA few days later, billy went to take a shower with daddy. \n\n"Ok, billy. Don't look down," daddy said. \n\nBilly looked down. "Daddy, what are those?" He asked. Daddy said "that's my snake!"\n\nA few weeks later, billy had a nightmare, so he did what any kid would do. He went to his mom and dads room. \n\nBut…\n\nSomething disturbed him. The next second, he was screaming \n\n"MOMMY! Turn on your headlights! DADDYS SNAKE IS IN YOUR GARDEN!!!"

TrollFaceEpikFace: Very original clap clap clap not sarcasm at all

AssasinDG: Why should males and females be treated equally?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nThey both produce a white substance ;)

Gamer boy 3674: I'm 9 and I get all the jokes

Derrin George: No more vagina jokes period