Jokes – don’t fart during sex

Jokes - don't fart during sex pulling back your

This can be a story in regards to a couple who was simply happily married for

years. The only real friction within their marriage was the husband’s practice of farting noisally every day as he woke up.

The noise would wake his wife and also the smell will make her eyes water making her gasp for air.

Every day she’d plead with him to prevent ripping them off since it was making her sick. He informed her he could not stop

which was perfectly natural. She told him to determine a

physician. She was concerned that certain day he’d blow his guts out.

Time passed and that he ongoing to tear them out! The other Thanksgiving morning as she was preparing the poultry for supper and that he was upstairs seem asleep, she checked out the bowl where she’d place the poultry innards and neck, gizzard, liver and all sorts of spares along with a malicious thought found her.

She required the bowl and went upstairs where her husband was seem asleep and, lightly pulling back your bed covers, she pulled

back the elastic waistband of his training pants and emptied the bowl of poultry guts into his shorts.

A while later she heard her husband waken together with his usual trumpeting that was adopted with a bloodstream curdling scream and

the seem of frantic actions because he encountered the restroom.

The wife could not control herself as she folded on the ground

laughing, tears in her own eyes! After many years of torture she believed she’d got him back very good.

About 20 minutes later, her husband came downstairs in the

bloodstained training pants having a appearance of horror on his face.

Jokes - don't fart during sex She required

She bit her lip as she requested him that which was the problem. He stated, "Honey, you had been right. Many years you’ve cautioned me

and that i did not pay attention to you.

"Exactly what do you mean?" requested his wife.

"Well, you usually explained that certain day I’d finish up farting my guts out, now it finally happened. But through the elegance of God, some Vaseline, which two fingers, I believe I acquired many of them in.

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Bernie Mac "Fart On First Date" Kings of Comedy


spinemelter2000: It's OK for women to fart on a date. They're humans, and farting is part of daily life. In some cases, it could even be a turn on. I like funny people, and farting is the funniest thing in the world. If someone thinks farts are funny, then so do I.

William Baylis: …..naaasty Bitch

Deraash: Nah bro, not on a first date. When you're comfortable with each other

Gold 115: I Aint Gon See Dat Skunk Muthafucka No More Man…Bitch Farted All In My Car And Shit What Type Of Shit Is Dis!��������

Brandi Thomas: ������������

Brenden Baker: +Brandi Thomas �������� LMAAOO! NASTY BITCH… STANKING ASS BITCH

DMAN870-NLOCK: Stankin Bastard! 


Brandi Thomas: ������������

nu range: My favorite comedian of all time!! His comedy will stand the test of time

Walter Latham Comedy: Mine as well. WL

JR Ewing: Thanks to my mom I know there some women who gas are worse than men.

SomehowCrybaby: 'nastey bitch' best line ever im pissing meself

rezo2013: Nasty Bitch!

Faiz Bek: Anyone can write the subtitled for me

Trefiveseven Wesson: LOVE YOU BERNIE RIP

Yeah Man: Which stand up is this? Was this a series he had or was it an original?

Frank Enstien: Legend

Walter Latham Comedy: True! WL

Lí Xiaólong: Hey baby you have a good time? (farts)……….NASTY BITCH!