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What did mom poultry tell her disobedient children?
In case your father often see at this point you, he’d start in the gravy!

Why did Johnny get such low grades after Thanksgiving?
Because things are marked lower following the holidays..

Why was the poultry the drummer within the band?
While he had the drumsticks.

Why did the poultry take part in the drums in the band?
While he already had drum sticks!

If April showers bring May flowers, exactly what do May flowers bring?

Exactly what do you call a dumb gobbler?
A jerky poultry.

So why do turkeys always go, "gobble, gobble"?
Simply because they never learned good table manners.

What’s down and webbed ft?
A Poultry putting on scuba gear.

What key has legs and should not open doorways?
A poultry.

What sort of taters go oui-oui-buzz-buzz?
French flies.

What sort of vegetable do you want on thanksgiving?
Beets me!

Why can’t you are taking a poultry to church?
Simply because they use such FOWL language.

Can a poultry jump greater compared to Empire Condition Building?
Yes – a structure can’t jump whatsoever.

Exactly what do you receive whenever you mix a poultry by having an octopus?
Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving.

How will you create a poultry float?
You’ll need 2 scoops of frozen treats, some root beer, along with a poultry.

Who isn’t hungry at Thanksgiving?
The poultry because he’s already stuffed!

What is the best dance to complete on Thanksgiving?
The poultry trot.

Exactly what does Dracula call Thanksgiving?

So why do pilgrims pants keep falling lower?
As their belt buckles take presctiption their hats!

Are you going to from the poultry has got the most down?
The outdoors.

What sort of music did the Pilgrims like?
Plymouth Rock.

Are you going to from the poultry has got the most down?
The outdoors.

Why did they allow the poultry join this guitar rock band?
While he had the drumsticks.

How can you have a poultry in suspense?
I’ll inform you in a few days.

Why did law enforcement arrest the poultry?
They suspected it of fowl play.

What is the answer to an excellent Thanksgiving dinner?
The poultry.

What did the poultry say prior to being roasted?
Boy! I am stuffed!

Where did the very first corn originate from?
The stalk introduced it.

Why did the Indian chief put on a lot of down?
To help keep his wigwam.

What went down towards the Pilgrim who had been shot at by an Indian?
He’d an arrow escape.

How did the Mayflower reveal that it loved America?
It hugged the shore.

Why did the poultry mix the street?
It had been the chickens break.

What went down once the poultry experienced a battle?
She got the stuffing bumped out of him!

Why did the Pilgrims wish to sail to America early in the year?
Because April showers bring MayFlowers.


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Etho07 Ethan: I can't do any of these things my and my life is so boring������������

Stephanie Mince: Etho07 Ethan well too bad and think good tryin not to be hatin

FierceJudah: Etho07 Ethan me2

Delanie Del Moral: I just got an ad about the google chrome plug in and it had guava juice doing the runningman challenge in it!!! Lol

Jose Pompa martinez: ItsLeon he is still cool

*Flower_ _Power*: ItsLeon true true truuee

Ujwal Maharjan: don't waste the time go in 1:10

Khushee Sahni: Ujwal Maharjan thank you sooo much

jade xox: I've tryed almost all of them they're greatl

The Melea Show: Awesome!

rihanna campbell: The Melea Show

LolfaceGaming Marlie: I didn't like it I disliked and I didn't have the stuff

MSA sisters Hussam: Ju

Gizmo Gaming & More: LolfaceGaming Marlie well ITS UR FAULT U DIDN'T HAVE THE STUFF

aaima kashif: i think my mom is goona kill me if i did this all

Oh qSkip: me 2


Jazzlene Padilla: Me too!

etoye parkman: I've seen all of these things on Pinterest. For my kids and on every single video I'm tired of the same diys.

Jordan•Schultz !: Was there anything on the Q-tip?