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Thanksgiving Jokes

So, maybe they’re not mathy&hellip however the following jokes work for today&hellip

The youthful turkey graduated high honors having a math degree, but he came back home and appeared reluctant to consider work. His mother was troubled. Coming home eventually, she found him around the couch again, watching reruns of Mystery Science Theater 3000. “Jesus, give you credit,Inches she stated. “If your father often see you, he’d be moving in his gravy!”

Why don’t turkeys get asked to high society parties?

Since the hosts are involved they’ll use fowl language.

An octogenarian calls his daughter a couple of days before Thanksgiving and informs her he and her mother are getting divorced. “But, father,” she states, “you can’t do this!Inches He explains that despite the fact that they’ve been together half a century, they’re miserable and it is to find the best. “Please inform your brother and sister,” he states, “because I simply shouldn’t discuss it any longer.” The daughter immediately calls her brothers and sisters they agree that they’ll not allow their parents to divorce. The daughter calls her father back. “There’s not a way you’re getting divorced,Inches she states. “We’re coming there tomorrow to sort this out. Don’t say almost anything to mother prior to getting there.” As she hangs up, her father turns to his wife and states, “It’s all taken proper care of, honey — they’re all coming for Thanksgiving, also it isn’t costing us a cent!”

Poultry couple of days

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Poultry Production from Start to Finish


praveen sharma: nice!

Mike Barnes: It's ironic that all these people are interviewed overlooking long beautiful green pastures, and all their livestock are kept indoors.

劉楷智: 【Shameless U.S. government】 other countries do not obey to kill them, their American Tyson foods, inc. sell sick dead chickens drumsticks to taiwan fraudulent money U.S. government regardless.U.S. Tyson foods, inc. for deceived by profiteering Taiwanese must pay compensation.U.S. Department of Justice accused AUO control panel price penalty of 500 million U.S. dollars, why the United States Tyson foods, inc. to sell sick dead chickens  drumsticks cheat Taiwanese money Ministry of Justice regardless.

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