Stupid thanksgiving jokes

Stupid thanksgiving jokes where did

When did the Pilgrims first say "God bless America?"

The very first time they heard America sneeze!

What exactly are unhappy cranberries known as?


What’s blue and engrossed in down?

A poultry holding its breath!

What is the answer to a great Thanksgiving dinner?

The poultry!

If April showers bring May flowers, exactly what do May flowers bring?


Exactly what do you receive whenever you mix a poultry having a centipede?

Plenty of drumsticks!

What can you call a dog squash?

Refer to it as anything you like- it will not hear you!

What did the player tell the eco-friendly pumpkin?

Why orange you orange?

Why did the poultry mix the street?

It had been the chicken’s break!

Once the Pilgrims arrived, where did they stand?

On their own ft!

Why did not the poultry eat dessert?

He was stuffed!

What cat discovered America?

Christofurry Columbus!

What is the best factor to place right into a pumpkin cake?

The teeth!

Why did they allow the poultry join this guitar rock band?

He’d the drumsticks!

What can you receive should you entered a poultry by having an octopus?

Eight feather dusters!

Stupid thanksgiving jokes What exactly are

What sort of vegetables do you want for Thanksgiving dinner?

Beets me!

What’s round, red, and wears a diaper?

An infant cranberry!

What smells the very best in a Thanksgiving dinner?

Onto your nose!

Why did the poultry take a seat on the tomahawk?

To hatchet.

Why did the Pilgrim consume a candle?

He wanted an easy snack!

What sort of music did the Pilgrims pay attention to?

Plymouth Rock!

So why do Turkeys gobble, gobble?

They never learned good table manners!


Stupid thanksgiving jokes When did the Pilgrims first

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XxMystic foodxX: Brian Schemp yuh

EDI Intro maker: 1:04 wtf you say i fucking kill you puto

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I am not a human I'm a holo unicorn: his videos are never complete without tequila and cigarettes

jon doe: SNL needs to hire you guys, or better yet Netflix

Fatima Ezzahra Bouddit: jon doe ameeen to that

Lmfaoatyourvideos: I feel guilty for laughing at the racist things said in this video but they played it so well I'm dying ��������

Marc M: FINALLY a funny and creative video on YouTube. It's been a while ! ��������

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Rachel Liu: It all comes down to the side bitches

ManuelCraft: 1-2-3 Boys for life!!\n1-2-3 Jeniffer Lopez!!

Gabriella Ross: Rudy is such an amazing film maker. Who's with me?

Mihail Stoyanov: what is the song at the beginning ?

Maddison M: I'm not Hispanic or Latino but when I go anywhere I dress like the Hispanics

Bermuda Watches: That's sexy

Esma Habibi: Maddison M wtf? how they supposed to dress like? �� stupid bitch

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