Thanksgiving humor

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Thanksgiving is really a

traditional American Holiday where families all around the U . s . States take dinner at

the same time frame—Halftime

Ode to Thanksgiving

To the national wild birds

The American Bald eagle

The Thanksgiving Poultry

May one provide us with peace in most our states

And yet another a bit for those our plates

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Poultry Riddles


Poultry Hotline

Being Grateful

Getting Along Like Cats

and Dogs

Poultry Cartoon

Black November

(A Turkey’s Lament)

Poultry Tan

Open Your Family’s Eyes while dining


the Nite Before Thanksgiving

Twas the Nite of Thanksgiving


Good reasons to be Grateful you Burnt the Bird!

Thanksgiving Top Ten

That Seem Dirty But Aren’t

(Contains some sexual innuendo)


of Chocolate



True Tales In The Butterball

Poultry Hotline,

where individuals call to obtain advice

how you can prepare a Poultry in the experts

* Thanksgiving Dinner on the move. A lady known as 1-800-323-4848 to

learn how lengthy it might decide to try roast her poultry. To reply to

the issue, the Talk-Line home economist requested just how much the

bird considered. The lady responded, "I’m not sure, will still be

playing around outdoors."

* Tofu poultry? Regardless of how you slice it, Thanksgiving just is not

Thanksgiving without poultry. A cafe or restaurant owner in California

desired to understand how to roast a poultry for any vegetarian menu

* Plus there is time a girl was picking with the frozen

turkeys in the supermarket, but could not locate one large enough

on her family. She requested a regular boy, "Do these turkeys get

any bigger?" The stock boy responded, "No ma’am, they are dead."

The Silver Lining towards the Burning Question

You Burnt the Bird?

Twelve Good reasons to Be Grateful!

  • Salmonella will not be considered a concern

  • Nobody will overindulge.

  • Everybody will think it’s Cajun Blackened.

  • Uninvited visitors will think hard the coming year.

  • Your cheese broccoli lima bean casserole will gain

    recently found appreciation.

  • Pets will not pester you for scraps.

  • The smoke alarm was due for any test.

  • Carving the bird will give you a great cardiovascular


  • After dinner, the people may take the bird towards the yard

    and play football.

  • The less poultry Uncle George eats, the not as likely

    he’ll be just to walk around together with his pants unbuttoned.

  • You’ll be able to the desserts faster.

  • You will not need to face three days of poultry


    Source: Craig Boldman and Pete Matthews, authors of Every Excuse within the Book: 714

    Methods to Say "It Isn’t My Fault."

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    Poultry Riddles

    What did mom poultry tell

    her disobedient children?

    In case your father often see at this point you,

    he’d start in the gravy!

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  • So why do Pilgrims find it difficult keeping their pants


    Because they put on their belts on their own hats!bomb2_ln.gif (615 bytes)

    What’s the difference

    from a chicken along with a poultry?

    Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving!!

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    What’s the Turkey’s

    favorite black tie celebration?

    The Butter Ball

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    So how exactly does a Poultry drink her


    Inside a gobble-let

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    The number of turkeys will it

    decide to try change a lightbulb?

    Only one however it takes 5 hrsbomb2_ln.gif (615 bytes)

    Have you heard concerning the

    X-rated poultry?

    It’s offered with hardly any dressing.

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    Exactly what do you receive whenever you

    mix a poultry, the shore, and Broomhilda?

    A poultry sand-witch

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    What sort of music did

    Pilgrims pay attention to?

    Plymouth Rock!

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    Are you going to from the poultry has

    probably the most down?

    The outdoors!

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    So why do turkeys eat so


    Since they’re always stuffed!

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    What did the poultry do in

    the Thanksgiving Day Parade?

    He performed his drumsticks!

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    The Poultry Sprang From

    the Oven

    The Poultry sprang from the oven

    and rocketed to the air

    It knocked every plate from the table

    and partially destroyed a seat.

    It ricocheted right into a corner

    and burst having a deafening boom,

    Then splattered all around the kitchen,

    completely obscuring the area.

    It stuck towards the walls and also the home windows,

    it totally coated the ground,

    There is poultry connected to the ceiling,

    high had not been poultry before..

    It covered every appliance,

    it smeared every saucer and bowl

    There wasn’t a means I possibly could stop it

    that poultry was unmanageable.

    I crawled and that i crawled with displeasure

    and thought with chagrin when i mopped,

    Which I would no more stuff a poultry

    with popcorn that had not been sprang.

    compiled by Jack Prelutsky


    A Little Thanksgiving Humor