Thanksgiving jokes – washington family magazine: fun things you can do

Thanksgiving jokes - washington family magazine: fun things you can do tradition, she prepared an evening

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?  

Norma Lee.  

Norma Lee who?  

Norma Lee I do not eat that much!

Blonde Thanksgiving

It had been the very first time the blonde was eating Thanksgiving dinner without her family. Attempting to re-enact the tradition, she prepared an evening meal for herself alone. The following day, her mother known as to determine how everything went.

"Oh, mother, I made myself an attractive dinner, however i had a lot trouble attempting to consume the poultry!" stated the daughter.

"Made it happen not taste good?" her mother requested.

"I’m not sure,Inch the blonde stated. "It can’t sit still!"

Other funny jokes!

Question:  If your man really wants to consume a poultry on Thanksgiving, exactly what does a poultry want?

Answer:  It really wants to hightail it.

Q:  If April showers bring May flowers, exactly what do May flowers bring?

A:  Pilgrims

Q:  What sort of key has legs and should not open doorways?

A:  A Turk-Key

Q: Why was the poultry the drummer within the band?

A: While he had the drumsticks

Q:  How can you make gold soup?

A:  Toss in 14 Carrots

Q:  Can a poultry jump greater compared to Empire Condition Building?

A:  Yes – a structure can’t jump whatsoever

Q:  How will you create a poultry float?

A:  You’ll need 2 scoops of frozen treats, some root beer, along with a poultry

Q:  Who isn’t hungry at Thanksgiving?

A:  The poultry, because he’s already stuffed!


11 Thanksgiving Dad Jokes


TheMoeQ7: I'm a turkey and I feel offended

person _: I am sorry you feel that way

IHateKidsWithAnimeProfilePics: I remember the last time I heard my dad tell a dad joke. It was "I'll be back in 10 minutes"

A?: +Jaelynn Grace Check your privilege.

Gerard Maurice: Haha

Maya Rieber: "I'm hungry"\n"Nice to meet you hungry, I'm Dad"

Cupcakeluver0204: "Why are you so bad at naming kids, dad…"

Unknow133 Unknow: +Hailey No its not

Nat Po: That moment when you don't celebrate thanksgivin in your country :(

Nat Po: +Nazlı Doğa Tezel ��lol

sweetwater88: +Nat Po It's like having two Christmas feasts!]

Graphic Design Guy: "1 BuzzFeed Graphic Design Guy Joke"\nUser commments: All the comments about the Graphic Design Guy are so annoying!\nUser commments: Stop making comments about Graphic Design Guy already!\nUser commments: All the comments are about Graphic Design Guy, urgh!\nAll you users just made another one… :)

Bigjuice *: +Graphic Design Guy was there before u tho

Graphic Design Guy: +slim Congratulations on that then :)

SamVikings: Being early sucks, you don't get to read any interesting comment ��

Donkeyface 01: +SamVikings be intresting then

Suburamo15: +SamVikings this doesnt work with black families, bcuz well you know………lmaoooo

Emely Corniel: The title says dad jokes but the video says grandma jokes…….\n\n\n\n\nI'm confused

Fatema Muffadar: Same'

ιηςΔиخτყ ΓΦγΛใ: (>^_^)>#\nI made you a waffle \n#<(^_^<)\nBut,then I was like…\n(>^#^<)\n"I'm hungry…"\n(>^_^)>\nSo I ate it.

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