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 happythanksgiving2Yes, Thanksgiving will quickly be around. Of course, we’ve been planning our Thanksgiving dinner for days. The historic significance, your food itself , and the opportunity to gather with family and buddies to provide thanks for the benefits we’ve, causes it to be certainly one of my very favorite times of time. And, yes, the Thanksgiving meal is my personal favorite meal of the season. At our home, it varies only slightly from year upon year with poultry and a multitude of traditional accompaniments always the main focus.

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This season I’m still making final options for wines. But, to start we’ll have Sparkling Bourgogne with French cherries inside a liqueur with Kirsch. Along with the primary meal we’ll have plenty of wine choices as always. This season the options includes Rosés (including our favorites from years past which got lost within the cellar and it was only lately found along with a current 2015 vintage Tavel plus some others), a Ridge Zinfandel (a distinctively American wine), Cru Beaujolais and Burgundy.

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To obtain a large amount of ideas (and lots of attempted and true recipes) for the celebration please please visit Wine And Food Recommendations For Your Thanksgiving Meal that will also offer you links to a lot of more Thanksgiving articles with much more ideas.

Possess a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yes, it is a unique day. And, once the celebration has ended I’ll distribute brief notes around the wine and food that we’ll have enjoyed at our home this season with family and buddies.

In Vino Veritas,Sig

John Tilson

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