Happy national genocide (thanksgiving) day!

Happy national genocide (thanksgiving) day! Additionally they set the village

Thanksgiving has not been a celebratory vacation in my loved ones. Whenever my loved ones did prepare we always gave thanks that the Indigenous Peoples were not easily wiped out when Columbus "discovered" America. Irrrve never understood why my loved ones am against Thanksgiving. In class we came turkeys with this hands also it would be a happy time. It meant a few days removed from school. My teachers managed to get appear like Thanksgiving would be a holiday to expect to. The Brand New You are able to City public education system explained what Thanksgiving was about. I had been careful to regurgitate the things they trained me when tested and so i wouldn’t obtain a failing grade. After I was older though I had been told the reality by my loved ones.

My great, great, great, great grandfather was part of a gang of Black Indians in Florida, hence my unique and Native American-sounding surname. It appears I originate from a lengthy type of players and activists. I’m a revolutionary not by choice but by lineage. After I did finally learn, there wasn’t any stopping me. Whenever someone requested things i was doing for Thanksgiving I proudly mentioned which i no more celebrate it. Thanksgiving day ought to be referred to as National Land Thievery and American Genocide Day.

I found that in 1637 your body of the white-colored man is discovered dead inside a boat. Armed settlers — which we tell our kids were God fearing, gentle, discussing, kind Pilgrims — invaded a Pequot village. Additionally they set the village, which incorporated many children, burning. Individuals who have been fortunate enough to escape the fireplace were systematically searched for, hunted lower and wiped out. Even though many, including historians, still debate just what happened this very day, also referred to as the Pequot Massacre, it directly brought to the development of "Thanksgiving Day." This is exactly what the governor of Bay Colony needed to say days following the massacre, "Each day of thanksgiving. Thanking God that they eliminated over 700 men, ladies and children."

William B. Newell, a Penobscot Indian and former chairman from the Anthropology Department in the College of Connecticut mentioned, "Collected within this host to meeting, these were attacked by mercenaries and British and Nederlander. The Indians were purchased in the building so that as they came forth were shot lower, The remainder were burned alive within the building. In the morning the governor declared a Thanksgiving Day. For the following a century, every Thanksgiving Day ordained with a Governor is at recognition from the bloody victory, thanking God the fight have been won."

After I finally discovered the origins of Thanksgiving it helped me nauseous. No more am i going to celebrate a vacation I understand nothing about until I investigate its origins. I’m very grateful, pun intended, which i discovered the origins of the holiday. It’s a indication that history could be re-written and when told enough occasions eventually becomes the reality!

Happy national genocide (thanksgiving) day! it helped

People always let me know to your investment past. I ought to just ignore it and move ahead. So why do people of color also have to forget?! Can you tell a Jewish person to overlook the holocaust and merely move ahead?! Can you tell the household of individuals who died on 9/11 to lets forget about it?! Why are our tragedies forgettable yet others aren’t?! I’ll Always remember! I’ll ALWAYS recognition individuals who died unjustifiable.

Then when you sit lower to dinner this season, review your family, serve the meals and tell one another what you’re most grateful for, consider the origins of Thanksgiving. Consider the numerous Indigenous Peoples who died so that you can carve a poultry and obtain the best deals on Black Friday. Say a prayer on their behalf, particularly the children, who died due to the colour of the skin.

Resourse: http://huffingtonpost.com/nicole-breedlove/

Thanksgiving to 'Redskins' – Dispelling American Myths That Hide Native Genocide


Poo_Cake: my country absolutely disgust me with their past and current atrocities against all people of this earth.

HarvardRadRes: "country" just suck my dick

Aaron Primack: christians cannot claim morasl superiority when they forced conversion of kidnapped native children. fuck christians.

Big Suave: Aaron Primack Preach!

Big Suave: Mrs. Harper You sound brainwashed, the culture of christianity, has been false since the beginning of existance! But some how you've convinced yourself that you're better than the rest of the Christian savages? Keep worshiping your idol, no matter the history, somehow you think you're different, o k yea that makes since, to you that is!

Yuri muckraker: once again can't thank Abby Martin enough for being one of the few voices to speak out against the mistreatment of Native Americans when so few even in independent media and great dissenting voices don't champion their cause for justice. Breaking the Set did a great two part program on their plight and its nice she continues to do it with her Telesur program. that being said people sign the leap manifesto at leapmanifesto.org and get a similar one passed in the US,Australia, and New Zealand.

Ansr Max: All Americans no matter what ethnicity need to understand the true history of the land.

#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations: Celebrating the Slaughter of the Native People…….The world is in a trance regarding what really happened on "Thanksgiving"… Eating low vibratory acidic forming, dead food~ in abundance….Then the next day they shop, and materialism consumes the masses, by Black Friday "Sales"….This is a horrific holiday, and the masses are brainwashed into following along. Thank you for this video. I will share, and spread the message of truth~ Thank you so much~

Jaiden Brockman: And to this day, ppl still defend the morals of colonialism. Reality of this strange species is a joke

shadow3brigade3SBX3: I wonder if Obama's daughters watch this… it will be amazing to know what they think about this channel. Thanks Abby….you never know who is watching;) enjoys!

stardaddyo9: regrettable but hardly unique

ZeitgeisterOm: Abby your work is Flawless <3

jerran sperarman: great show abby

Debbie S.: Thank you Roxanne _ Dunbar Ortiz Thank you for the truth that you and so many others within the tribes that understood and still survive and flourish. Thank you Abby Martin, bless all of you on this time.period.

Oisin Murphy: The fact that they did a lot of the same things here in Ireland really depresses me. That is the whole for one that we speak English here, speaking or teaching Irish was outlawed.

Masoody Khan: can you elaborate. I have a lot of dumb Irish Americans in my class. they don't know their own history. so what happened ?

sandra clark: Appreciate the honesty , courage, determination and stamina of Aboriginal peoples who are showing the rest of the world the way…………….great interview!! Thank you

Jameson Bennett: phenomenal work. Abby produces elite shit

Gerry Stevens: i am so sorry. i have used the term ''redskins'' all my life. i didnt know what it really meant. i am become another one your side, lady. such things shoudl never happen. how can anyone with but a half of a single witt be proud of any of it??

Iyad Dante: Indeed Abby keep up the good fight …. what a great person you are … thank you for all the great and hard work you do.