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Happy thanksgiving day-to everybody ! - atlantic city forum - tripadvisor walk between

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  • Any recommendations for things you can do besides playing casino games?

  • What are the decent cheap eats places in AC?

  • What are the interesting non-casino restaurants in Atlantic City?

  • What are the interesting bars/pubs across the Boardwalk?

  • Any fun amusement places within the Atlantic City area?

  • Just how much perform the boardwalk moving chair rides cost?

  • Are you able to walk between Marina District Casinos?

  • Do you know the taxi, jitney along with other transportation choices in Atlantic City?

  • How do you receive from Atlantic City Worldwide Airport terminal (ACY) to Atlantic City?

  • How do you receive from Philadelphia Worldwide Airport terminal (PHL) to Atlantic City?

  • What exactly are Vehicle, Train, Bus options toOrfrom Philadelphia?

  • What’s LFB/RFB in the CZR/Harrah’s casinos?

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Happy thanksgiving day-to everybody ! - atlantic city forum - tripadvisor to walk between

Global Capitalism: The US Position Weakens [May 2017]


Democracy At Work: Fan of the Economic Update with Richard Wolff? The show is now available as a video broadcast on our channel! Help us keep our channel ad-free by supporting EU on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/economicupdate

Jerone Young: Democracy At Work great insight .. love it

Guillermo Rivas: Professor Wolff is riveting once again!

weewee33wee44: Bankers and nasty capitalists are suffocating us. Enough is enough

tremer 2009: Thanks "Clumsy Dad".:) What do You mean? Corporations have all kinds of Liberty! They seem to have more Liberty than they know what to do with?:D

tremer 2009: Thanks "HumanoidOrganism".:)

gr8mikeY: Way to call out that crook Warren Buffet!

Scott Davis: The rich take our money and send our children to war.

Robert Cece: Yep, dental care especially is a sham. The composites cost pennies to make but thousands / hr to get installed. Go south to Mexico suddenly the price drops 80-90%. Go to certain colleges they do it free. When I was in college majoring in chemistry I asked my dentist what was in the resins he was using so he handed me a tube. I read the label… "silicone dioxide"…. then said "sand? you're charging $3,000 to install sand in my mouth with a dremel??" Then he pulled out the dimethyacrylates thinking I didn't know organic chemistry. I know how these chemicals are made. The fancy "resin modified glass ionomer cements" are made of the SAME EXACT SHIT you buy in a 40lb of cat litter for $8. Aluminum silicates or flouraluminium silicates are all just CLAY. Most the light activated resins are made from magnesium bromide or iron chloride… all very cheap to make. These research companies waste years playing with ratios then claim superior x, y & z properties till 10 yrs pass, the resin breaks down and what do you know? They got new names and new resins with the SAME F@%KING INGREDIENTS now 10xs more expensive.\n\nJust look at cement manufacturing. I know cement like I know the back of my hand…. the chemistry of cement has not changed for roughly 40 yrs. There's not much more we can learn about cement.\n\nYet the chemistry of tooth cement seems to never stop changing. Because there's an army of greedy dentists sitting around in some national dentist association arguing things you will never hear cement manufacturers arguing because everyone knows almost by instinct what cement is (sand/lime/stone). \n\nBut for some weird reason, people think tooth cement is rocket science when it's all just CEMENT. They built this pyramid scheme of nonstop monkey business propaganda who's sole goal is to appear like they're revolutionizing composites when just like cement, the composition has barely changed in 40 yrs.\n\nIKDY I'm ranting I just hate dentists. They're the greediest bastards alive their pricing ethics are literally worse than lawyers they will put cement in your mouth with a dremel then 2 hrs later charge you a used car as you turn on the news and hear republicans shouting not to regulate healthcare…. NO! We can't do that!!! It's simply not ethical unless you allow us to rape you in the ass for every penny you don't own and never will then yes maybe we'll permit that. And if that's what we've come to we are headed for hell. 1930s level depression, chaos and hell soon as Trump leaves office I guarantee the whole house of cards collapses. And the worst part will be that we all knew. Everyone knew. Go listen to Alan Greenspan these days he sounds just like Dr Wolffe. When the former head of the federal reserve starts to sound like a confused marxist you know there's a train somewhere full of shit who's conductor is busy asking directions for a giant fucking fan called "America".

tremer 2009: Thanks "Robert CeCe".:) !:D

Seymore Butts: this guy maxed out both intelligence and charisma stats

LonerWeirdo: There's this interesting thing going on.. Corporations are becoming nation states. If they're not already. They don't live anywhere but they live everywhere. Their power is universal. and their creed is more more more. This is not sustainable. It is a death cult.

Harvardion: Starts 11:51

Echoherb: Thanks

sinisterai: Thank you Professor Wolff and your team for your devotedly consistent efforts at trying to educate us in eliminating world suck. Mr Wolff, I hope you're feeling better.

BuddhaNature: Leave it to a Marxist, to point out the insanity of unregulated capitalism.. Thank you, Professor Wolff, for taking the time and making the commitment to trying to bring some understanding to the insanity that is taking place and offering a solution.

eyquem21: Prof Wolff telling it like it is but with a sprinkle of humour.

M. Gilley: Wells Fargo deserve all the good thoughts. Through all of their windows.\n\nEdit: Started last night, finished this morning. I think this might be my favorite one yet. Maybe it was all the talk about large rocks?

Sara Packard: Agreed. Some great quotes from this lecture. lmao

nick quiroz: My monthly fix!