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November 23, 2012

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sixth O.V.I. eating Thanksgiving dinner, 1898. Thanks to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center via Ohio Memory.

A rather-belated Happy Thanksgiving coming from all us at Ohio Memory! Just as we spend your day getting into some early holiday shopping or relaxing after yesterday’s big meal, we would have liked to demonstrate only a couple of Thanksgiving pictures of years past. Above, you will see Company I from the sixth O.V.I. eating Thanksgiving dinner using the first West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Company I at Camp Belgium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Right after, the sixth Ohio was used in Cienfuegos, Cuba, being an occupation pressure throughout the Spanish-American War. Imagine preparing poultry and stuffing for your crowd!

Jack Spratt and the wife in Rike’s Toy Parade, 1935, via Ohio Memory

Official program of West Virginia Condition versus. Wilberforce game, Thanksgiving Day, 1941. Thanks to the nation’s Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center via Ohio Memory.

Up next is Ohio’s form of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade–the Rike’s Toy Parade in Dayton! Began in 1923 (twelve months prior to the Macy’s tradition started), the Toy Parade occured each Thanksgiving Day-to start holiday shopping at Rike’s. Popular figures include Mr. and Mrs. Spratt (above), in addition to Humpty Dumpty and “Princess Sari on her behalf royal elephant, Jumbo.” Father Christmas seemed to be recognized to make his first  appearance of year, climbing towards the Rike’s rooftop and climbing down towards the store through the chimney. Rike’s, known formally because the Rike Kumler Co., was Dayton’s leading mall for many years, and also the parade was a yearly occurrence from 1923 until 1942.

Everybody recognizes that another Thanksgiving Day tradition having a lengthy history may be the football game, as seen using the program at left. With annual “Thanksgiving Classic” games, professional teams, college teams and amateurs all make certain the day’s entertainment doesn’t finish following the morning parades. But you might not have known the tradition stretches completely to 1876, when Yale and Princeton teams first started facing off every year throughout the holiday.

This Thanksgiving, you want all of you a secure holiday weekend full of family, buddies and food. Gobble gobble!

The Ohio Girls’ Club of Washington, D.C., celebrates Thanksgiving at St. John’s Hospitality Center, 1948, via Ohio Memory.

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