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Thanksgiving message - fisk memorial u . s . methodist church For the
Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving is originating! After I consider Thanksgiving, I consider Pilgrims, Indigenous Peoples, poultry (with fixings) pies, and familyAnd is really a celebration, so when appropriately observed, it’s that sense humbleness once we ponder everything originates to us. The legend would be that the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest in Plymouth by gathering to provide because of God for those they’d received.

I question the number of people realize exactly what the Pilgrims have been through for the reason that newbie within the " New World ". They’d left Europe on creaky wooden ships, bound for any place they’d never witnessed and could only imagine. The trip was stormy and harmful. Not every completed your way. They arrived somewhere in which the soil was rocky and difficult to till. They’d to search for food with muskets. With bare hands and couple of tools, they built rude houses. For the worst situation, they endured from disease which wiped out 1 / 2 of them. In the end of this, they required time for you to thankfully with grateful hearts.

The much deeper concept of Thanksgiving is less thanking God for that bounty in our lives. Rather it’s understanding how to live our way of life with grateful hearts regardless of what our conditions. To possess a grateful heart is to become available to everything existence offers, the great, unhealthy, the gorgeous, the ugly, the happy and also the sad. To possess a grateful heart is a means of being on the planet it’s not an action we have to perform. Existence, itself, may be the gift and having the ability to reside that gift inside a community of caring folks is really a blessing. May we observe this Thanksgiving with open, loving, and grateful hearts, and could we provide a prayer with this community at Fisk Memorial U . s . Methodist Church it might continue being a fortunate breaking of the bread.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rev. Ron Black


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