Thanksgiving message, sms text msgs and fwds, facebook status

Thanksgiving message, sms text msgs and fwds, facebook status my existence

You’re the just one I’m able to consider

after i count my benefits about this Thanksgiving.

Missing yourself on this special day!


Grateful for every single day,

Grateful for buddies weve made on the way,

Grateful to see relatives so dear to the hearts,

Grateful for the act as each new day starts.

Grateful for the benefits every day brings,

Grateful for those this stuff.


Every single day I’m advised from the finest blessing I’ve received.

I usually show my gratitude for the will be to me.

I’m so grateful for getting you within my existence.

You’re more in my experience than anybody can dream,

you’re my wonderful and delightful wife!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving isn’t just for expressing thank you for that which you have.

It’s also a period to appreciate what you will have.

And so do a contented Thanksgiving Day!


Some friendships be beautiful with time.

Appreciate the colour you set to my existence!

If only a sincere Thanksgiving.


We’re grateful for that benefits this season

And count you among what’s dear.

Delivering love and warm wishes the right path

For any beautiful and happy Thanksgiving Day


I’m attaching with this particular greeting abundant love

And Gods blessing for any beautiful lengthy existence.

May you awaken every day with restored hopes

And great values, Possess a wondrous thanksgiving.


Wishing the happiness of good buddies,

the pleasure of the happy family, and also the question of christmas.

Possess a magical thanksgiving


Cause me to feel a great child,to consider proper care of my parents.

Cause me to feel a great lover, to consider proper care of my lady.

Cause me to feel a great person, to service mankind.

I wish to better the planet out of this Thanksgiving Day.


The important thing to contentment lies exclusively in becoming grateful

for which a person fortunate with.

Only then will one be fortunate with increased.

Happy Thanksgiving!


On Thanksgiving and try to,

may you you

savor everything is wealthy…

may the festivities come to life

using the cornucopia of hope,

belief and goodwill.


A Grateful individual is always

more prone to be at liberty not

just on Thanksgiving but through existence…

so get moving this Thanksgiving!!


About this Thanksgiving Day,

If only to state that i’m honored

to possess you within my existence.

Thank you for loving and taking care of me.


Wishing that the Thanksgiving is filled with love,warmth,and additional special moments.

Possess a happy Thanksgiving!


"A double edged sword to Thanksgiving.The thanks part and also the giving part.It is a cyclical mystery."


This season, I believe we have to go back to the from the first Thanksgiving:

coming back to reflection,coming back to appreciation for which we’ve, coming back to thanks.

We have to give thanks for the benefits we love.


You can’t be a highly effective witness for God, if you’re not grateful.

Nobody will need that which you have if you’re miserable all the time! The pleasure from the Lord is the strength.


You’ll prone to the wiles from the Demon, if you’re not grateful.

A discontented person is an ideal target for that Demon. The Demon has happy apples in the tree. Beware!


Thanksgiving can be done just for individuals

Who make time to remember

No-one can give thanks

Should they have a brief memory!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is certainly not otherwise a glad and

Reverent lifting from the heart to God

In recognition and praise for His goodness.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Appreciate touching my existence with techniques

you might never know. My riches don’

t lie in material wealth, however in getting

friend as if you a precious gift from God.


Friendship does not occurs wid special people,

people becomes special after becoming frnds

wanted to allow u realize that u r special in my experience.



Thanksgiving can be done just for individuals

Who make time to remember

No-one can give thanks

Should they have a brief memory!

Happy Thanksgiving!


We are able to simply be stated

to become alive in individuals moments

When our hearts are conscious

from the treasures existence has provided us!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Just sleep tight and thankfully for

the great things He’s fortunate you

Be grateful and thank Him, coz He’ll give

you more essential things.


Among the finest to state which i really

loved your website and it is layout.

It is stuffed with information and it is

very easy to venture through. Thanks

to make it open to many of us.


Greater than just appreciating our benefits,

you should use these questions right way.

This only can truly determine regarding how grateful we’re!

Happy Thanksgiving!


You’re the most particular someone within my existence.

You’re my pal, philosopher, and guide and much more.

Thank you for arriving my existence.


We discover simple to use to inquire about favors but hard to thank.

May this Thanksgiving provide you with

more good reasons to thankfully every day!

Happy Thanksgiving!


At Thanksgiving,

we appreciate your

good will,




Happy thanksgiving…


We discover simple to use to inquire about favours


hard to thank.

May this Thanksgiving provide you with more reasons

by way of thanking God every day…


Thanksgiving is really a blessing in disguise.

get this to day as special as possible


thank your buddies & family together with your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Just one candle can illuminate a whole room,

a real friend like u dazzles up a whole lifetime.

Thank you for gifting me the vibrant lights of the friendship.

thanks to you…


Heap high the board with plenteous cheer

and gather towards the feast,

toast the sturdy Pilgrim band

Whose courage never stopped.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I receive All existence with Thanksgiving

I’ve gratitude for Exactly what have ever occcurred to create me for this moment.

I give just joys…


"Appreciate all individuals who’ve gone

before you decide to who’ve doubted the established order

and who’ve identified injustice and Impatiently fought against against it".


On Thanksgiving Day we’re thnakful for

Our benefits all year long through

for your loved ones we very much love,

permanently buddies, old & new.


you’re the most particular someone within my existence.

you’re my pal, philosopher, guide & much more.

Thank you for arriving my existence.


The entire year yields it’s harvest

discussing aboundant benefits

may your thnksgiving be fortunate

with fruitfullness and also over flowing love

Happy Thanksgiving…


This thnksgiving may your house be

full of god loving presence

abounding within the fullness of HIS pleasure

and also the gift of His peace

while you reflect uopn the benefits

he’s presented with you.


Appreciate inviting us

for your Thanksgiving dinner

Each day put in your organization

is almost always a champion.


Thanksgiving comes but annually,

But as it pertains it brings good cheer,

for within my storehouse about this day,

are piles of excellent things conceal,

Every day I’ve labored 4frrm early morn,

to gatherr acorns, nuts, and corn.


May you’ve got a wonderful time this Thanksgiving,

With buddies & family. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving Day.


About this Thanksgiving Day,

If only to state that i’m honored to possess you within my existence.

Thank you for loving & taking care of me.


Thanks a lot to be there on my small side

And supporting me through.

Without you my existence could have been incomplete.



Creepy text messages | Monica


Brianna Rivera: Tall man, people being kidnapped in forest, Night time, ITS SLENDERMAN!

Zani san: yes it is

Alduin: it yelled MONICA then she probably in the hood cuz she heard MAH NIGGA not MONICA (offence not intended ;)

Bones Shit: Alduin omg that's hilarious

RaginPlayer: Lol mark got friend zoned

Anouar Chtatou: RaginPlayer HAHAHAHAHAHAH����������

Rania Rano: Why does this reminds me of annie96 is typing?

sunshine cutiepie: +Caitlyn Roy read what I wrote on top on the comments

Nayaab Hussain: Rania Rano yhh

No9 No9: He just like to keep a knife, because you never know of you need to use ��

Mac 10: jackson goes in the forest at night with a knife following monica because he never know if he needs to use it and then he ran away

Robin Bassem: No9 No9 monica speak london very best

KiBe: who just read hoe?

Calvin Nao: Abhishek Singh emeygad that crazy!�� my mom did just text me on my cell phone she say "im on my way home ☺"! the problem is in my mind….. my mom died last year!��.. who that!? ��i can see it! there someone standing beside you!��

RatchetSprite: This pisses me off. A life is in danger and you care about a crush what the fuck

FireReaperr: It's fake, chill.

2-bit Ghost: FireReaperr nah bro just think of the implications though. like that would really be fucked up

Your boy Jordan: If you are confused I got you. Jackson killed Monica, you will know when Monica is dead because she starts using her Capitals at the beginning of her sentences. Jackson then lures mark outside and gets killed by Jackson.

luci yo: exactly like annie96 is typing….

Dragon Gamer: +Mauro Impens that makes sense!

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