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The Poultry Trot

Five little turkeys standing around the doorway,
One waddled off, after which

there have been four.Turkey Trot

Four little turkeys sitting near a tree,
One waddled off , after which

there have been three.

Three little turkeys without a penny to complete,
One waddled off, after which

there have been two.

Two little turkeys each morning sun,
One waddled off, its keep

was one.

One little poultry better try to escape,
For soon it will likely be Thanksgiving


Real Inquiries to the Poultry Cooking Hotline

  1. Must I carve my poultry having a 16in Redmax or must i escape my

    Stihl Electric Chain Saw?

  2. Could it be Alright to baste my poultry with engine oil?
  3. Must I leave the giblets within their plastic bag during cooking?

Thanksgiving is definitely an emotional holiday. People travel a large number of miles to

be around people they merely see annually. After which uncover annually is

far too frequently. Johnny Carson

November Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving Card

Amusing Thanksgiving Quotes

  • After I would be a kid in Indiana, we thought it might be fun to obtain a

    poultry annually in advance and feed it and so forth for an additional

    Thanksgiving. But when Thanksgiving came around, we kind of

    considered the poultry like a pet, therefore we ate your dog. Only kidding. It had been

    the kitty! David Letterman

  • Grave Humor
    What did the hen tell the naughty chicks?

    Should you your

    father often see at this point you he’d submit his gravy.

  • Great Uncle Jefferson Taylor occupied a seat of applied electronics

    in an important government institution, he was mounted on his position

    through the most powerful of ties, and the dying came like a great shock.

  • The Secret of Stuffing a Poultry
    The number of cooks will it decide to try stuff

    a poultry? Just one, however, you Need to squeeze to obtain him in.

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