5 thanksgiving poems for school, kids, childrens

5 thanksgiving poems for school, kids, childrens Soon it will likely

  1. The Poultry

    A poultry I saw on thanksgiving,

    Her tail was spread so wide.

    Shhh….don’t tell that you’ve seen her,

    For she’s running off to hide

    (make fist for poultry & spread fingers

    of other hands for tail, Create a shhh seem)


    by Oliver Herford

    It had been a hungry pussy cat,

    upon Thanksgiving morn,

    And she or he viewed a grateful little mouse,

    that ate an ear of corn.

    “If I ate that grateful little mouse,

    how grateful he ought to be,

    As he had designed a meal themself,

    to create a meal for me personally!

    Then together with his Thank you for getting given,

    and thank you for feeding me.

    With all of his thankfulness inside,

    how grateful I will be!Inches

    Thus mused the hungry pussy cat,

    upon Thanksgiving Day.

    However the little mouse had overheard

    and declined (many thanks) to remain.

  3. FIVE LITLE TURKEYS #15 little turkeys were waiting a door…

    One saw some corn, its keep were four.

    Run, Run, Run a long way away. Soon it will likely be Thanksgiving Day!4 little turkeys travelled in a tree…

    One fell lower its keep were three.

    Run, Run, Run a long way away. Soon it will likely be Thanksgiving Day!

    3 little turkeys gobbled because they do…

    Your dog chased one its keep were two.

    Run, Run, Run a long way away. Soon it will likely be Thanksgiving Day!

    2 little turkeys strutting within the sun…

    The wind arrived its keep was one.

    Run, Run, Run a long way away. Soon it will likely be Thanksgiving Day!

    1 little poultry saw a player come He ran a long way away its keep were NONE!

  4. PoultryLet’s talk poultry!

    Exactly what a walk it has!

    Strut about, strut about,

    Perform the poultry trot!Let’s talk poultry,

    Exactly what a shaky wobble!

    Strut about, strut about,

    Gobble, gobble, gobble!

    Meish Goldish

  5. Thanksgiving FeastingOnce the Halloween pumpkins have left,

    And also the leaves have fallen to ground,

    Once the air has switched windy and cold,

    Then Thanksgiving will quickly be for sale.Ideas of family members all feasting together,

    Enjoyable pictures from past occasions appear

    To live in each heart and every mind–

    Then Thanksgiving is finally here!

    Your kitchen has tasty aromas,

    The dining area looks oh, so fine,

    Adornments with pilgrims and turkeys,

    So we will be ready to dine!

    First the napkins are put on the laps

    The prayer for that meal to become fortunate,

    Only then do we stuff the great food within our tummies,

    So we expect everything to digest!

    By Joanna Fuchs

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