Humorous thanksgiving poems

Humorous thanksgiving poems of us eat and eat

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody around!

Let’s go and obtain some poultry –

Possibly a pound!

“Gobble, gobble, gobble,” shout the turkeys.

“Wouldn’t you want beef jerky?”

Beef Jerky and Mashed Taters

Now that might be a sight.

To pacify the turkeys

Let’s sleep around the idea tonight.

Poultry inside my House

Thanksgiving may be the day all of us eat and eat.

People eat a lot

They require help departing their seats.

You will find pies and cakes

All around the table –

A final minute treat

For individuals who’re able

After stuffing themselves

With poultry inside my house.

Thank you for Beer and Football

Based on my father,

Beer and football would be the reason

We ought to be glad

On Thanksgiving day.

You are able to tell a good deal

In regards to a man

From how he plays football

And just how he drinks beer.

“It’s the way you separate

The boys in the boys,”

States my rehab father.

Poultry inside a Can

Can there be this type of factor

As poultry inside a can?

If there’s, I’ll purchase it

No matter the manufacturer’s land.

As lengthy as it’s edible, I’ll dig in deep.

I can’ longer eat

My wife’s Thanksgiving meat.

Larger and larger

It’s actually are good –

Poultry and pork,

Macaroni and cheese, dressing and cranberry sauce,

Chocolate cake, pumpkin and potato cake.

Thanksgiving is only the beginning

Of christmas,

And already, I’m getting larger and larger.

My jeans are saying I ought to skip Christmas.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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