A thanksgiving prayer

By Katie, 5:45 am

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In recognition from the Christmas tomorrow, I would like to express this personal prayer I authored. I’ve been saying some form of this prayer all month I truly believe that it’s a note God is looking to get through my mind.

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow or otherwise (I am aware that lots of my visitors outdoors from the U.S.!), I invite you to definitely join me within this prayer.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,

Today I pause and be still for any couple of moments more than usual.

I pause and express gratitude its my benefits, that are so excellent and plentiful which i most likely couldn’t even name all of them basically attempted.

However nowadays Personally i think strongly that saying thanks isn’t the finish of my journey, that giving words to my gratitude isn’t the full extent of their expression.

Since you, God, didn’t bless me so abundantly simply because you want me, or since i did almost anything to deserve it. You fortunate me so will be able to make a move with individuals benefits. So will be able to share all of them with others. So will be able to present them.

With great blessing comes great responsibility.

I’m so fortunate to possess food on my small table, a hot bed to settle, and relative financial security. I’m so grateful to become surrounded by support, encouragement, and – most significantly – love. However I do both myself and also the world an injustice after i hoard individuals things personally.

Dear God, I wish to learn how to express gratitude not only through my words, but additionally through my actions. I wish to learn how to express my gratitude in my benefits by deliberately discussing all of them with others. I wish to see firsthand your promise that whenever we provide all away, it just multiplies.

Assist me to, Lord, to internalize this message: Gratitude is equally as much a verb because it is a noun. It is only just as much an action I wish to take because it is a condition of mind I wish to have.

Appreciate blessing me, as well as for challenging me through individuals benefits.



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