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Happy Thanksgiving, my World Prayer Tabernacle South Church family! I think you’ll come with an amazing week full of family, buddies and food…lots and a lot of food. Naps, too. Plenty of naps.

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Our church has a lot to become grateful with this year. There has been a lot of incredible benefits and breakthroughs in Jesus’ name. We might feel humble as Jacob did in Genesis 32:10: “I am not worth from the least of all of the mercies and of all of the truth that you’ve proven Your servant.” Or we might start to feel prideful about our accomplishments to date. Don’t forget fall under the trap of believing the benefits we receive are due to anything we’ve done. God wants us to become grateful and talk about His benefits but be ever vigilant within our praise of Him. Brother Bret cautioned that people shouldn’t grow content but keep pushing in prayer and supplication.

Hebrews 13:15 states, “Therefore by Him let’s constantly provide the sacrifice of praise to God, that’s the fruit in our lips, giving because of His name.”

I made the decision to Google the term Thanksgiving from curiosity. I came across the next:



1 1. the expression of gratitude, especially to God.”he offered hopes in thanksgiving for his safe arrival”

2 2. (in The United States) a yearly national holiday marked by religious observances along with a traditional meal including poultry. The vacation commemorates a harvest festival celebrated through the Pilgrims in 1621….

As our present culture is constantly on the extract God from our way of life, holidays, and traditions, we discover this day oftentimes becomes about shopping (Guilty. I haven’t had the ability to resist the sales and excitement), but you should keep in mind that Thanksgiving started like a celebration of “expressing gratitude, especially to God.” It’s also said to be in regards to a spirit of giving and gratefulness.


I had been studying today’s message within my Jesus Calling devotional (I recommend it should you not get it already), also it stated that the spirit of thankfulness opens the home windows of paradise. Spiritual benefits fall freely onto you, and thankfulness opens you as much as these encounters. Thankfulness is a method to revive your hope. It’s the language of affection to God and a method to talk to God. It doesn’t deny a realistic look at trials or tribulations you might be dealing with but rather rejoices in Jesus in the middle of individuals conditions.

Habakkuk 3:17-18 states, “Though the fig tree might not blossom, Nor fruit perform the vines Although the labor from the olive may fail, And also the fields yield no food Although the flock might be stop in the fold, There e no heard within the stalls-Yet I’ll rejoice within the Lord, I’ll pleasure within the God of my salvation.”

We must keep in mind that we live in a fallen world, where benefits and sorrows intermingle freely. A continuing concentrate on adversity defeats many Christians, however if you simply just proceed to another side, He’s the larger picture in your mind.


Dwane and I needed to keep Jesus’ promise that people should not be anxious for not to possess belief and provide thanks constantly. See, we had arrived praying for any home for any couple of years, and 2 years back, we thought i was close. It had been absolutely heartbreaking if this didn’t undergo. We started to understand onto any chance and were enticed to stay for under God’s best. I had been so frustrated and defeated.

I increased track of just one mother who rented and grandma and grandpa with that side who also didn’t possess a home. The demon, obviously, place it within my mind which i would not possess a home either, which i made a lot of mistakes to deserve it. Dwane and that i fasted to have an answer for any lengthy time that summer time waiting on the house, only to obtain an equally frustrating answer of wait. WAIT?! I wasn’t grateful for your answer whatsoever, but a minimum of it had been a solution. I must admit I did not wait too with patience, constantly perusing the site. It didn’t help that individuals (with higher intentions) persistently requested us when we had found a home or gave useful suggestions.

We anxiously waited another year, and something work day a lady I used to be dealing with all year long stated, “Hey, you realize you’re a Condition military worker you are able to survive Jackson Barracks for just like a hundred dollars.Inches WHAT?!! We immediately place in a credit card applicatoin only to undergo an excruciating waiting process, where approval was temporarily denied for any couple of several weeks. We learned our lesson and interceded fervently while giving because of God with this chance.

Finally, we’ve showed up! We moved in October 31st while it is raining. Happily!!! God is really good. He’ll exceed your expectations! We’ve the chance in order to save and purchase something much better than we’re able to have imagined.

Be encouraged this Thanksgiving! Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is really a language of affection to Jesus! Praise Him constantly. Enjoy your loved ones this Thanksgiving. Appreciate all they’ve accomplished for you. Forget about grievances. Be kind and patient. And eat some poultry!

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2016 Pioneer Day Concert with The King's Singers – Music for a Summer Evening


Robert Perez: the King's Singers were the greatest thing ever. especially when they announced Loch Lomond and Danny Boy.

Tiare Kelsall: They were spectacular!!

Tiare Kelsall: Thankyou so much! I've been listening as I was working on my laptop.. So uplifting!! I have a greater appreciation for our LDS forebearers and pioneers. Thankyou again

Rex Cluff: I love their Primary medley.  A beautiful tribute.

Mary Joy Galvez: Oh I so love it!!!

Adam Troy: Awesome.Thanks a lot.\nBravo King's Singers.

Karen Stockton: Christmas comes from Yule and Saturnalia.

Réjean Simard: Best greetings to the Choir too!

Réjean Simard: Year after year, great musicians and great music! Congratulations and fondly thanks!

Mr. Jim Hugh Thorn: What a presentation!  Beauty, stirring, soul lifting.

Chuks Ineh: Glad to hear the African American spiritual songs.

H8TediTLuvedit: I've.listened to this many times with great enjoyment! I especially loved ,Running on, and o Gracious God whose mercy lends!

paolo ciccio: un saluto dall'Italia \nsiete fenomenali

Gary Hinkle: The King's Singers : At There Very Best. Thank You Gentlemen For The Glorious Music ! ��

francis santos: I wonder what these five who gave thumbs down disliked specifically? the true church? the music done by this magnificent choir or the beauty of this great conference hall? please listen to the missionaries.

Stephanie Watson: maybe someone can help me download this video? Is that even possible? Or do i just have to stream this each time I want to Listen to it? Any Help would be great.

ze Lambert: I really liked that song, Danny boy! it is the best