Happy thanksgiving from cri

Happy Thanksgiving from Mission Cry CRI for you! Here is a message from Executive Director which will deeply appreciate it. 

Being Grateful on Thanksgiving!

I lately took in towards the song entitled “His Eye Is around the Sparrow” it had been a indication in my experience from the bible verse Matthew 10:29. We read he knows if your sparrow falls down, and procedes to say what shall we be to him than the usual sparrow!

Lately within our community in the last week, I just read from the tragic story of individual who just miles from home nearly lost his existence and presently relaxing in a healthcare facility without any legs.  While driving along he observed a lady who’d performed along side it from the road and broke lower he began to get away from his vehicle, to push her to safety!  Because he was pushing her aside from the road a vehicle originated from behind and instantly crushed him and literally required his legs off!  Rushed towards the hospital where he fought against for his existence is presently stable!  Alive, he lays without two legs with regard to pulling to help someone.

I understand the story is difficult to see especially yesterday Thanksgiving but Hopefully it is a indication for you because it is in my experience that we have to be grateful for the lives and us.  I had been in awe in the man’s response stating that he was grateful for that hopes which have been arriving for him!  BUT, he requested for hopes for that older man who hit him, because he is battling and also have a hard time because of what he’s done.

Everyone have a lot of things to become grateful for!  Relax and take a moment and think about what God has been doing for you personally previously!  No matter whatever situation that you are dealing with, when we ask God we’ve something to become grateful for!  The person I had been just covering is grateful he’s alive and able to be married!

Ephesians 5:20

Giving thanks always for those things unto God and also the Father in the our Lord Jesus.

My thanksgiving prayer for you personally is you be advised when God’s eye around the sparrow, what does he know your requirements and desires.  Thank him for which he’s done, giving thanks in most things!


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Happy Thanksgiving from CRI