Happy thanksgiving from magnificat

Most merciful Father,

your gifts of affection are numerous

as well as your goodness infinite.

About this Thanksgiving Day we come before you decide to

with gratitude for the kindness:

open our hearts to concern for other people

to ensure that we might share your gifts

of loving service with your people.

We find out through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Boy,

who lives and reigns with your Holy Spirit,

one God, for good and ever.

Litany of Thanksgiving

Response: We thanks, O Lord.

This can be a day-to thankfully for those his many benefits within our lives. With gratitude we currently say:

For that passion for God, for belief, family, and buddies: R/

For joys, successes, achievements, and accomplishments: R/

For health, safety, work, and rest: R/

For struggles, sorrows, trials, and sufferings: R/

For the jobs, for individuals who support us, for the education, but for the opportunity to serve: R/

For the gifts, talents, and talents, for honors, for strength and: R/

For the homes, for food, warmth, and shelter, for the things which have renedered us happy: R/

For the hobbies and pets, for happy recollections, for the favorite things, for leisure and relaxation: R/

For the nation, for freedom and peace, for teachers, leaders, and individuals who provide us with good example: R/

For the opportunity to say "I am sorry," for that elegance of repentance, for that forgiveness of others, for that generosity of others: R/

Permanently advice, for financial security, for that trust others place in us, for tenderness, understanding, and empathy: R/

For kindness, goodness, pleasure, and laughter, for that occasions we’ve helped others or built them into happy: R/

For the wonders of creation, for beauty, music, sports, and art, for brand new possibilities and 2nd chances: R/

For failures and rejection, for the ways we’ve developed and be better people: R/

Glory be towards the Father, and also to the Boy,

and also to the Holy Spirit, because it was at first,

has become, and will also be for good.


Appreciate as being a faithful person in the MAGNIFICAT family.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


*Adapted from "A Thanksgiving Day Elegance"

in Blessing Hopes: Devotions for Growing in Belief

by Fr. Peter John Cameron, o.p.

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