Happy thanksgiving hopes 2016 – hopes of thanksgiving – thanksgiving benefits

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Happy Thanksgiving Hopes 2016 and Thanksgiving Benefits

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Thanksgiving Vlog | Jilly Anais


Bhugeloo95: wow your family hella TRILL!

Bhugeloo95: much love from London, UK !!

Shay Blossom17: You're so lucky my family is so distant and do their own thing

Valerie Jackson: i wish that was myfamily

Jayson Willis: OMG!! I just discovered your channel, I'm in love !! and your eyes ��!! Your sooo GORGEOUS! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I have to go like all your vids now!!

Jayson Willis: Jilly Anais Omg You replied!!! ��

esils: I bet anybody with brown skin and light eyes could of showed up like family just to grab a plate of dat seafood gumbo.

Samy r: esils u mean lightskin

Eme Gonzalez: beautiful family. but damn yo brother tho ��

Jewel J.: This reminded me of the princess and the frog��

Chris: damn that house crazy nice !

DB: You legit might be the cutest girl I've ever seen ������

Tobias Braswell: Dadrian Bryant you right

Paradox R.N.O: Jilly Anais one of the most beautiful and humblest women ever

Delaila Johnson: i love watching you <3

Tim Kruse: Making a nigga hungry w all that beautiful food lol

Roobens Julmice: I know everyone got flaws but y does it feel like u dont lol��

You Dumb Ass People Stop Talking To Me: Roobens Julmice they probably aren't visible…think about it

Nali: Aww you have a beautiful family jilly❤️ you should start doing vlogs more often

Kamylah Bennett: I admire this. I wish my family was even 2% like this…but I'm thankful to just spend the holiday with my mom :)