Happy thanksgiving in the parzen family & wishes, ideas & hopes for ferguson

jeremy parzen wifeHappy Thanksgiving in the Parzen Family.

This season continues to be among the greatest highs and also the cheapest lows.

I travelled to Houston yesterday mid-day from Boulder where I attended the Boulder Burgundy Festival and mingled with leading wine professionals, winemakers, and wine scene glitterati.

After Tracie P and that i place the women to sleep, she helped me an excellent risotto alla parmigiana so we opened up a container in our favorite Fiano d’Avellino.

She was wanting to learn about the festival but i was both riveted through the unfolding occasions in Ferguson, Missouri.

I hadn’t even been born, I figured to myself, once the Watts Riots in La gripped the nation’s attention.

Here i am, I stated to Tracie, nearly half a century later, also it doesn’t appear like we’ve come far.

Granny Judy is due Texas from La Jolla today and we’ll be going to Orange, Texas to celebrate the vacation with Rev. and Mrs. B. and also the Branch-Manley families.

We’ve a lot to become grateful with this year: health, success, and also the fortune to see a few of the finest pleasures in existence through wine and food.

However this weekend, individuals in Ferguson is going to be a concern as well as in our hearts and hopes.

Thank you for being here. I’ll help you next week…

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Happy Thanksgiving!!