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If your folks are anything like mine, your Thanksgiving dinner might not be similar to the nostalgic image below, and could not engage in such as the Pillsbury ad in which the only argument round the dining room table is who will get the final crescent roll. Around I’m searching toward getting each of my children home and gathering round the table for the Thanksgiving feast, I additionally am worrying whether we’ll cope with your food weekend without interesting discussions turning out to be heated debates or well-meaning words causing hurt feelings.

Thanksgiving Prayers

When I was flipping with the Book of Common Prayer to pick a thanksgiving prayer to express, the Prayer Connected with St. Francis caught attention. I recognized by using a small change of perspective, it might create a perfect prayer to inspire my method of family gatherings.

Lord, cause me to feel a musical instrument of the peace.

Where there’s hate, allow me to sow love

where there’s injuries, pardon where there’s discord, union

where there’s doubt, belief where there’s despair, hope

where there’s darkness, light where there’s sadness, pleasure.

Grant which i may less aim to be consoled regarding console to become understood regarding understand to become loved regarding love.

For this is within giving which i receive

it’s in pardoning that i’m pardoned

which is in dying that i’m born to eternal existence.


I can’t control what others do or say, or how others act or react, however i will keep my very own words kind, and hope all of us concentrate on the love which brings us together.

Let’s focus on that thanksgiving prayer. I really like the overall Thanksgiving in the Book of Common Prayer:

Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for the only thing you did for all of us.

We appreciate the splendor from the whole creation, for the good thing about our planet, for that question of existence, but for the mystery of affection.

We appreciate the blessing of family and buddies, but for the loving care which surrounds us on the sides.

We appreciate setting us at tasks which demand our very best efforts, as well as for leading us to accomplishments which satisfy and delight us. We thanks furthermore individuals disappointments and failures contributing us to understand our reliance on you alone.

Most importantly, we appreciate your Boy Jesus for that truth of his Word and also the illustration of his existence for his steadfast behavior training, through which he transformed temptation for his dying, by which he transformed dying as well as for his rising to existence again, by which we’re elevated towards the existence of the kingdom.

Grant us the present of the Spirit, that people may have heard him making him known and thru him, whatsoever occasions as well as in all

places, may appreciate you in most things.


I especially love the thanksgiving to see relatives and buddies (I actually do love mine!), and that i understand the call to provide thank you for “disappointments and failures.”

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