Policepoems.com – a cop’s thanksgiving prayer by dkb

Policepoems.com - a cop's thanksgiving prayer by dkb their bloody

"A Cop’s

Thanksgiving Prayer"


festive meal for me personally tonight

Spare me calls of senseless fights

Make there not be any children lost

No drunk motorists and also the resulting cost


there be peace within our towns homes

Dont cause me to feel hear a battered wifes moans

Allow the gang-bangers have a poultry feast

And spare the roads their bloody lease


individuals without any roof, find shelter tonight

And individuals who’re lost, look for a guiding light

Let individuals who around the helpless prey

Leave their victims untouched this very day


ask me to provide news from the dying

Of family members, a long way away, inside a wreck

Show me no children, who’ve been mistreated

Whos haunted eyes reveal, parents accused


us a night without guns, bloodstream or tears

An evening without useless discomfort, suffering or fears

Should you spare me tonight many of these things

Ill refer to it as even Lord, along with a Happy Thanksgiving



Combined with Special Permission

from the Author

Copyright 2001 – All Legal rights Reserved

and might not be duplicated without permission

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Dear Officer, I See You.


Javier Hernandez: I'm not gonna lie, I honest to God thought this was another cop hating video, we The people have camera's type video by the title. I was clearly wrong. Good video people. 

TRUEAMERICAN: Rogue, you have no respect, you are the criminal, anyone who dishonors Law Enforcement, in my mind is a criminal. But next time you have an emergency, who will you call? The Police. And they will come. And they will help you that is our call.

BeTa 181: +TRUEAMERICAN I like your profile picture bro.

David Lee: Honored to wear the badge and humbled by this amazing video.

Heath G: Be safe!!

Michael Potts: Whoever put this video together, I thank you. Today more than ever after the events that happened overnight in Dallas, I thank you. Im not a law officer, just a old retired security guard, but I got your six till my last breath.

Illinois State Trooper: +Matthew Ervin 13 weeks later none of that had happen to me buddy 

Matthew Ervin: +HERMAN GIBSON "A man, if you're a shitty cop you should get what's coming to you. that was the point I was trying to make. I got a little out of hand. \n\nI'm private about my experiences with law enforcement however, you can bet your ass there are plenty of bad cops out there. not just a few "bad apples" as they try to get you to believe. \n\nIf you're not a bad person nothing should happen to you. \nBut the hell if I know, I don't pull the strings. peace!

Davie Kerr: I think this should be shown to EVERY Police force, department, service, whatever, world wide, to show them that we, the silent majority, are still on their side.\nAs a retired Policeman myself I know that Policemen aren't all angels, but every organisation has its bad apples, and I would venture to say that the Police have less than most. It just seems that nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile phone and is willing to film ANYthing at the slightest excuse, and all too often they concentrate on things the Police do wrong rather than what they do right.


The Ranting Brony: I'm not going to lie, But I hardly cry and this almost made me cry…Js

77utoob: +The Ranting Brony  Good for you, asshole.  What were YOU doing for this gawd damned country 1962-86?  Diddling your little sis?  Fuck off and die, bitch! 

The Ranting Brony: +77utoob Your rage is delicious, give me more…Add some tears to it too.

Todd Pipkin: On behalf of all of us who who wear the uniform and badge, thank you, very much.

Humanizing the Badge: On behalf of Humanizing the Badge, thanks for giving us a cause that is worthy of our support.  We love you guys.  

Michael Hewett: Ms. Shiftwell,  I've been policing for 26 years and I have had many people tell me thank you during that time.  I have never had anyone reach out and grab my heart like you did with this presentation.  Your sincerity and understanding of each and every part of what we do brought me to tears.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what I know was truly a message from your heart.

Humanizing the Badge: Michael –  you just summed up exactly why we did this video.  If it weren't for your service, we wouldn't even have a platform.  And, I am starting to realize more and more that it's less about the video and more about how worn down you all have been.  Just know that there are so many of us in your corner.   

Hammer X Sickle: +Michael Hewett Thank you so much for your service sir.

Adrian Gomez: For 3 years i was a police explorer. And the brotherhood that i have attained within those 3 years is just amazing. God bless my brothers and sisters. Thank you all for what you do. And someday soon i shall be joining you in the fight against injustice

Adrian Gomez: +looking I dont careanswers wannabe pig submamallian you're. Keep trolling kid. Your mother might catch you and take your $2 allowance away from you