Today be filled with thank you for the way you are fortunate, dear abby

Dear Abby

by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR READERS: Since today is Thanksgiving, selection time for you to pause as it were and remember all the benefits that to become grateful? Included in the celebration, I am repeating the standard Thanksgiving column, first compiled by my mother.

How’s your wellbeing? Not too good? Well, thankfully you’ve resided this lengthy. Many people haven’t been so fortunate. You are hurting? Thousands — maybe millions — are hurting much more. (Maybe you have volunteered at an elderly care facility? Destitute shelter? A rehabilitation clinic for adults or children?)

Should you awakened today in a position to hear the wild birds sing, make use of your vocal cords to talk, walk towards the breakfast table on two good legs, and browse the newspaper with two good eyes — praise god! Many people could not.

How’s your pocketbook? Thin? Well, the majority of the world will be a lot poorer. Actually, one-third of those on the planet will go to sleep hungry tonight.

Are you currently lonely? Then remember the best way to have an acquaintance will be one. If nobody calls you, get the telephone and call someone.

Are you currently worried about the future? Hooray! Our political system continues to be saved by such concern. Within this great country of ours, you are able to worship in the church of your liking, cast a secret ballot, and you may even criticize government without fearing a knock around the mind or perhaps a knock around the door at night time. And if you wish to live within different political system, you can go. There aren’t any walls or fences — absolutely nothing to help you stay here.

Your final thought: Want an immediate high? The surest method to beat the vacation blues is to behave nice for another person. Why don’t you call an individual who lives alone and enable her or him to dinner?

Even better, call and say, "I am coming to help you get, and I’ll see that you will get home." (Some seniors don’t drive, and individuals that do might not enjoy being driving at night.)

Check it out. And please tell me the outcomes.

And today, I’ll repeat the Thanksgiving Prayer which was penned by my mother years back. My Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without them:

Oh, heavenly Father,

We thank thee for food and don’t forget the hungry.

We thank thee for health insurance and recall the sick.

We thank thee for buddies and don’t forget the friendless.

We thank thee for freedom and don’t forget the enslaved.

May these remembrances stir us to service,

That thy gifts to all of us can be utilized for other people. Amen. — LOVE, ABBY

P.S. We’ve much to appreciate about this Thanksgiving Day. For individuals individuals after some time for you to spare — what about showing our gratitude to veterans by going to a veterans hospital and raising the spirits of individuals who’ve offered our country years back?

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


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