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I recognize some readers might be unemployed along with other lawyers aren’t happy within their jobs. You’ve still got lots of good reasons to give thank you for what you have.

Not everybody has got the possibilities to visit college and school, and never everybody offers the skills to see, to argue, to counsel and also to negotiate. Whilst not we are millionaires, the majority of us are comfy, so we shouldn’t take our comforts, or our overall health and welfare, as a given.

— Molly Peckman, director of affiliate development at Dechert, within an article for that Legal Intelligencer (gavel bang: ABA Journal).


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James Comey, Global Warming, F. Lee Bailey, and School Rankings

James Comey, Global Warming, F. Lee Bailey, and School Rankings

June Blossom podcasts.

June Blossom podcasts.

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3 Warning Flags That Signal the requirement for a brand new Approach

3 Warning Flags That Signal the requirement for a brand new Approach

Counting on a classic law practice business design used decades ago is negatively impacting greater than it may seem. Get strategies for next steps.

Are you currently clinging for an old law practice business design?

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Prince Ea: Note: This video focuses on MOOD depression, not clinical depression. Furthermore, this is not a purported “cure” for depression. This is a call to live in reality, to separate the ailment from the person who colloquially uses the phrase "I'm depressed", which we may have said to ourselves at a low period in our lives. Depression is not YOU, depression does not own you, you own it. It is something that you are the witness of. The witness of Depression is not Depressed. Experiencing depression doesn't mean you identify yourself with depression. If you have an open mind, I urge you to sit with this. Who is the witness of thoughts? Stay in this place. Many of us have come to protect and defend our prisons but this has never served us. Nutrition change, exercise, natural medicine, in some cases pharmaceutical and psychotropic medication, SPECT scan to diagnose brain health (you are not stuck with the brain you have, you can improve its health). All of these tactics should be explored to treat depression symptoms. \n\nI say this with great love but believe it or not, we can hate our depression so much that it can become a part of our life story, our identity, and we may begin to unconsciously protect it. We can fall into the trap of learned helplessness (I have personal experience with this).The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis and General Semantics have illustrated how our words can become our prisons. But, never forget that YOU are the pure witness, you are the sky. Do not identify with what comes and goes. For more info on depression please go here–>https://www.adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/depression\n\nFYI: As a general rule, people shouldn't blindly trust any source, or authority even if they speak with confidence, have obtained a high-level degree, a peer reviewed journal entry, a well made youtube video, or can cite a source. Our individual responsibility should be to maintain a healthy skepticism about everyone and everything. Only until we personally have looked carefully at the data ourselves and find that the data is repeatable should we formulate our opinions. Anything else would be intellectual laziness. Love and peace guys.

Princess Cupcake: Even though you mean the mood, is doesn't change things. Maybe you were right in this video, but you never sight your sources whenever you say "I read a study". Where is the study? Also you said "One second less than the attention span of a goldfish". Goldfish can in fact remember things for months, even Myth Busters did an episode on it. You act like technology is causing humanity problems but it's actually helping us. You said that everything we really need is gone. We got food, transportation, hospitals, clean water, entertainment, and so much more. All of the people reading this comment go watch boyinaband's video about Prince Ea, it explains a lot.

play you: you the same fucking thing max robert.

Phan Howlter: I really wonder why it's been cloudy for 4 years…

Basically Bella: He was talking about the mood, not the mental illness…

lima bean: you may be experiencing cancer, but you do not have cancer\nyou may be experiencing heart attacks, but you do not have heart attacks\nyou may be experiencing depression, but you are not depressed\n\nwut

ara9ond: GOLDEN!

boopgamer 2002: Your comment made my depression go away

Joy Marcum: i love that my depression is compared to TV REMOTE thnx

Jarrett ghiz: Stop finding the smallest things to be offended over, it's probably not gonna make things better. It's just an analogy, get over it.

Kir Soggy: lol i wish he compared it to the tv so i could just turn it off

MerMae: Optimism is not staying positive 24/7 and being happy all the time. Optimism is knowing that when you are down, you will get back up.

Joshua Alvarado: MerMae Soundcloud Mr. Riddlin YOU'RE NOT ALONE

a bee: I have been diagnosed with depressive disorder. I think this video is beautiful. If you are experiencing sadness or frustration right now, you will get through it. You are strong, now matter how weak you feel. You are a person who deserves a life, even if you don't want it. You can survive this. I've been living with depression for three years now, and I have done horrible things to myself. But I'm still here now. Stay strong, because you are.\n\nThis video deserves more views, because it is honestly helpful, and people need to see this.

Chloe Farnack: a bee | God Bless You ��

Jonathan Persson: Lol three years, come back in 30 years

Bart D: no offense brother, but you are over simplifying a very complicated neurological issue that is low dopamine/serotonin production. You can say this to "sad" people that say they are "depressed" but tell someone that is withdrawing from something like prozac or xanax that these are just "gray and black clouds passing" it's a lot more scientific than that.

Bart D: +The Openminded Skeptic I'd agree it is usually the society itself we live in that is the poison there weren't this many reports of depressed people earlier in our evolution where we didn't have junk food and electronics to distract us from everything in life, however there was and will always be chemicals in our brain at different levels for everybody this is what also causes schizophrenia and mental illness so it is not just depression being the issue. \n\nWe have researched the cause and made SSRI's and DNRI's to deal with the issue stop bashing science and generalizing everything.

Trevor Phillips: Change the title.

Name Changed For Security Reasons: ^^