Grateful living

By Cheryl Russell

Excerpt from Unity Magazine®. 

There’s an easy elegance concerning the words “thank you.” Getting developed with Unity teachings, I understand that the gratitude awareness may be the essence of my being. So much in fact that thanks is really a core worth of my own mission statement—to produce a lifestyle of easy elegance. Thanks is my compass, my heartbeat, my method of existence. Thanks is my mantra, my simple, elegant prayer. The greater I explore the skill of saying thanks, the greater I uncover its infinite existence-altering potential.

My belief in God along with a grateful heart have manifested world travels, rewarding careers, and magical places to reside. But, while very young, I’d health problems. My body system was challenged by surgeries, vehicle accidents, and illnesses of 1 kind or any other. I even had ongoing bruises that I’d no explanation.

That which was I missing? Within my hopes I thanked God in my existence and used affirmations about my health. What else could I actually do to aid my body system, mind, and spirit for improved well-being? Could the solution to greater health be based in the power thanks? I made the decision to discover having a simple experiment. Rather of acting mad or as though nothing happened, let’s say I ended the moment I’d an injuries, it doesn’t matter how small or apparently minor? Let’s say I acknowledged the hurt section of my body system with thanks? Would the discomfort or bruise be less, or even by no means?

My first experiment happened in the center of the night time after i got up out of bed, walked right into a door jamb and whacked my nose. In bed, I applied my hands together and set on them my nose. I apologized and frequently stated appreciate everything it will for me personally. The following morning, there wasn’t any bruise, no soreness. Nothing!

Beginner’s luck? Maybe. Next time I had been inside a salon whenever a ceiling light fell striking my forearm. When individuals rushed over, I had been soothing myself with words of gratitude for this. Again, no bruising. No soreness. Since that time, I rarely bruise.

My body’s reaction to the experiments launched a brand new chapter in ThankYouology—my philosophy of methods the skill of saying thanks with ideas, words, and actions transforms your existence. Things I discovered may be the more I stated thanks to my body system, the greater it responded with greater energy and vitality. I discovered that saying thanks to my body system grounds me in our moment to get much more of God’s elegance. Appreciation in my body keeps me centered on its divine gifts instead of any signs and symptoms I would be experiencing. I will always be in awe of God’s magnificence within my outer world. Now I direct that very same reverence toward my body system using what I call BodyThankYouology.

Starting with this ideas we believe a large number of them every day. The number of ideas of appreciation are you currently directing toward the body? Consider what’s designed in Proverbs: “For like a man thinketh in the heart, same with he.” The Buddha mentioned: “Our existence is the development of our mind.” The Peace Pilgrim sums up with, “If you recognized how effective your ideas are, you’d never think an adverse thought.”

It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling within this moment, what exactly are your ideas regarding your body? Are you currently grateful for everything it’s doing in your account? Would you thank you for cells? Your bones? Your organs like the liver? …

You could have fun with thank-you ideas for you with this particular simple suggestion. Create a list from the to Z of adjectives that begin with similar letter as each part of the body. For instance: adorable arm, beautiful brain, and wonderful liver. Using descriptive adjectives increases the strength of your appreciation toward the body and it is functions. After you have produced your A to Z listing of adjectives, utilize it to praise the body with thank-you affirmations. An easy example is Thank you content heart. Recite your customized affirmations during any action for example walking, climbing stairs, driving the vehicle, and doing cleaning. Sing your thank-you affirmations if you’re like doing so.

If you like writing poetry, try thank-you rhymes such as this one: Thanks to my exciting eyes and thanks to my precious pancreas—you are this type of prize! …

Scripture assures us that "everything is possible through God"—the Supply of everything is and also the creative power to really make it manifest. The greater we are able to express gratitude to the body, mind, and spirit, the greater we are able to express our gratitude to other people. Whenever we appreciate others, we all experience greater respect and love within our relationships. Suppose! 


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Anita Minnow: life is good and i have everything i need. because i have an attitude of gratitude love is all around me and my life is full of peace and many blessings. amen

ZiplineShazam: +Anita Minnow Yes Now ShAzAm !!!!!

Jasmine Michelle: Anita Minnow Amen!

PowerThoughts Meditation Club: I am the architect of my life, I choose its contents, and I build its foundation. ! I am an infinite being. My potential for success is limitless. Life loves ME

Melanie Coleman: Amen!!

Sue Louise: Hi Jason love all your there any way I personally get in touch with you would love to meet up to thank you in person… have you an email address..thank you…if I could have ever this… Sue louise.

Liz Munger: This video has made a huge difference in my life! I suffer from panic attack disorder. When I have a panic attack, I listen to this and it gives me peace. Thank you! :)

Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music: +Liz Oeffner Great to hear this Liz.

Alan Habbaz: +Liz Oeffner I've had a recent panic attack also. Wow!!! This is great.

shantelle conwell: Hi Jason, how are you? I have gone from 5mg of benzo"s to 0.05mg in a reduction in my medication. I am also on my 12th week of being clean from alcohol. I started full on meditation just before my sobriety and tuned into diferent people doing these affirmations. On focused mor on your affirmations, maybe because you soothed my mind with your voice and it was the only time I had relief from my withdrawals. I thought I was going crazy. Over the last 3 months I have noticed my confidence and self love increasing and clarity of ;mind. My health and living just for today is the key for me. I am addicted now to your affirmations, I feel they are changing my neural pathways. I meditate night and morning, even pick myself up with short affirmations. My positive self talk is increasing. I am still going through withdrawals of benzo"s and I don"t sleep continously throughout the night but my life is definitely so much better and with Nacotics anonomous and meditation and the 12 steps I can get through early recovery. so thank you Jason for your help in my recovery i am grateful.

Aarushe Sharma: I feel so happy for you��

MrsBrii Rachel: What a wonderful testimony. Keep up your amazing work. Your story just made my day so thank you.

Raechel Graham: You're voice is a gift from God. Keep up the AMAZING work you are doing. Thanks, Rae

Raechel Graham: :-)

Frosty Migue: Raechel Graham yes

Jayjay Hayat: May god bless you for this!m video, I have been listening for only two days and I feel so much happier and in control of my own happiness, although you do not expect to have immediate results, I have a naturally negative thought process and just saying these affirmations twice a day for a few days has made such a difference, I have a skip in my step!!! Thank you again xxxxx

Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music: Peace your way and thanks for your support of my work.

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Alex Alarcon: "I am thankful. My life is filled with so much joy…yes…my life is filled with So Much Joy. I give thanks each day for the abundant blessings that come my way."