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Happy thanksgiving a

We’ll affirm that dear Rick’s re-do is guaranteed to become a good factor because "everything interact permanently for them that love God." (Romans 8:28). This jogs my memory of the canoe trip around the Niangua River years back that illustrates this concept. (For your information, CedarS now floats totally on the closer and calmer Osage Fork from the Gasconade River.) On that day however every canoe had capsized at a number of rough spots and also the last staff-only training canoe which had requested to lag for fishing was overdue by the pool where i was all to prepare out and campout. So another counselor and that i were driven to the beginning indicate redo the trip searching on their behalf. When we’ve got towards the river, now at night, and switched on the flashlights, we had that the soup-like mist was rising from the river within the awesome night air so the light was diffused within the first 1-2 ft of the fog which makes it impossible to look each bank from the river feet-by-feet. We immediately understood that people, of the selves, could do nothing at all so we place the individuals, their canoe, and ourselves and our canoe within the capable charge of our "Supreme Sternsman", divine Love. We sang hymns, adopted and rejoiced once we zipped through "all of the (normally) rugged way"-sliding easily through rough river-bends which had sunk all of us in broad daylight. If you do greater than 2 hrs in to the trip I had been brought to show on my small flash light (the very first time) for the right bank and that i was happy to begin to see the glint of the canoe where it absolutely was beached through the staff who thought they’d gone too much -but were only ten minutes lacking Prosperine Beach where i was all camping. Spotlighting that canoe would be a miracle–like "locating a needle inside a hay stack"-and contains been a landmark illustration showing natural concepts of God’s perfect timing and provision numerous occasions since! We adopted the path within the grass produced by the two CITs as well as their leader to some nearby farm house, enjoyably retrieved them, and paddled together rapid distance where a praying Boys Camp joyously welcomed us with warm dinners and S’mores which were made even sweeter understanding that "with God everything is possible" which seeming losses can invariably be switched into divine gains. This same law is waiting for us to demonstrate today.

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