I really like drawing/praying my yearly gratitude poultry. The poultry is really a visual journal of my life in yesteryear twelve several weeks.

Things I notice about my existence previously year is my inclination to become alone. This isn’t all bad. Keeping one’s own company and understanding how to cultivate the gifts of solitude is really a skill, an art I lacked like a youthful adult. Now I’ve the inclination to spend over our limits privacy. Studying, drawing, praying, studying, writing, playing Scrabble, chilling out on the pc keep me busy for hrs.

Being alone is simpler than being with others. My opinions go unchallenged. I’m able to be spiritual within my own way with no annoying trappings of the church and without individuals who bother me. I can eat things i want and do things i want. I’m the monarch of my self-contained little kingdom. Around the lower side: My opinions go unchallenged. I’m able to eat things i want and do things i want. My entitlement grows and MY needs and wants become vital. My solitude turns to isolation.

Things I also notice about my existence is my huge requirement for community–as untidy and inconvenient because it sometimes is. This season my poultry is outfitted using the groups within my existence who make my existence more potent and who keep my thinking from running amok or growing more distorted. These communities help remind me that i’m both spiritual And non secular. Whether secular or sacred, such groups offer me “religious” frameworks for opening my eyes and remaining in contact with reality. Lillian Daniel inside a 2011 Huffington Publish article states rid of it:

“Being independently spiritual although not religious just doesn’t interest me. There’s nothing     challenging about getting deep ideas simply by yourself. What’s interesting does the work in community, where others might phone you on stuff, or paradise forbid, disagree along with you. Where existence with God will get wealthy and provocative happens when you dig deeply right into a tradition that you didn’t invent all on your own.Inches

I invented no groups on my small poultry, however i am hugely grateful to participate them. Thanks be to God. Happy Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Gobbler 2


Thanksgiving 2016 w/ 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Young M.A. Desiigner, Lil Uzi, Lil Dicky & Gucci Mane


Ace Juuced: What straight man walk around saying ooouuu??����������

Dylan Bandyayera: 4:51 yo 21 was starting to beef everyone there

Zubair Desai: greens beans �� �� ham yam ..

Billythakid Rapz: Need Gucci look like a black Slinderman ��

Billythakid Rapz: ���� First Night To Rap Over A Tagged Beat

Keegan Montgomery: Wat the fuck designer

Keegan Montgomery: U name it

Keegan Montgomery: Lil dicky

Dylan Bandyayera: shut up n***a ass keegan mont retarded ass anime bih

EUGENE MANTEY: Desiigner was the funniest one ��������

arithegirl99 Nankumar: I swear desiigner is funny as hech

V Harris: Donald trump part ����

shawn Burton: Dessiger WTF

Cŷbèr Gãmër: i heard dessigner say i thank god for this food over there

ToxicAntMan 321: desiigner tho bruh lil boat got roasted

ToxicAntMan 321: issa knife

Big Dracos: issa knife

GoopyNick: issaknife

Oblohy Velky: GoopyNick issa knife

madiline george: JJNASlo