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This summer 3, 2012

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We”re within the full throws of summertime and also the fourth of This summer holiday is here.  Before our families attempted to attend local festivities or load the household vehicles for summer time vacation, make sure to begin everything with prayer.  Designate a unique time before leaving out for the family to get together in your house (preferably before your icon corner) and appreciate god and pray for the plans and travel.

Listed here are hopes for travel and vacation from “My Daily Orthodox Prayer Book” published by +Fr. Anthony coniaris along with the beatiful website,, both focused on classic, traditional Orthodox Christian prayer.

Hopes Before Travel

Lord Jesus my God, be my Companion, guide and protector within my journey. Keep me all danger, misfortune and temptation. From Your divine power grant us a peaceful and effective journey and safe arrival. In Your Soul I place my hope and trust and also you I praise, recognition and glorify, along with your Father and Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen.

Lord Jesus, You traveled using the two disciples following the resurrection and hang their hearts burning together with your elegance. Travel also beside me and gladden me together with your presence. I understand, Lord, that i’m a pilgrim about this earth, choosing the citizenship that is in paradise. Within my journey surround me together with your holy angels and me protected from seen and unseen dangers. Grant which i may execute my plans and fulfill my expectations based on Your will. Assist me to to determine the good thing about creation and also to know the question of the truth in most things. For You’re the way, the reality and also the existence, and also to You I give thanks, praise and glory forever. Amen.

A Holiday Prayer (pg 180 “My Daily Orthodox Prayer Book”)

Dear Lord, how we’ve anxiously waited with this vacation, and today it’s finally here.  Thanks, Lord, for that chance to take a rest from your daily routines and also to replenish the brain, physiques and souls so that they we might better last.  Sometimes our expectations for holidays are impractical, so we find ourselves disappointed when things don’t go our way.  Allow us to never fear about getting the ‘perfect’ vaction but to enjoy and relax every moment, whatever it might bring.  We’re grateful for that joys that await us-whether or not they be the good thing about your creation, entertainment with family or buddies, or peace and solitude.  Keep an eye on us and safeguard us once we travel, and leads us securely home again-refreshed and restored.  Amen.

You want everybody a happy and safe holiday!

Clipart of the caucasian family by the pool. From left to right just a little redhead girl inside a eco-friendly dress, holding a blue ball, her blond father in swimming trunks, her blond mother inside a crimson tshirt and bathing suit, holding a towel and ice chest, her brunette brother in blue trunks holding a red toy.

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