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Thanksgiving might be filled with feasts & festivities, but you should recall the true concept of this holiday.  Thanksgiving is about gratitude, about being grateful.

Thanksgiving is really a day for everybody to mirror upon themselves and count their benefits.  We be worried about a lot of things every day and let obstacles and small difficulties in existence consume us.  It is great to possess a day where we are able to slow lower and acknowledge everything we’ve in existence.  Having gratitude not just shows appreciation, but will let us become more happy, happier, healthier, and overall better people.

Listed here are 10 quotes from influential individuals on giving thanks & being grateful, hopefully these can keep you going to celebrate Thanksgiving with gratitude!

“If the only real prayer you say inside your entire existence is thanks, it will likely be enough.”

— Meister Eckhart 

“When you practice gratefulness, there’s a feeling of respect towards others.”

— Dalai Lama

“As we express our gratitude, we have to always remember the greatest appreciation isn’t to utter words, but to reside by them.”

— John F. Kennedy

“Do not spoil that which you have by desiring what you haven’t keep in mind that what you have used to be among what you only wished for.”

— Epicurus

“When we give happily and accept gratefully, everybody is fortunate.”

— Maya Angelou

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns Thx that thorns have roses.”

— Alphonse Karr

“‘Thank you’ is the greatest prayer that anybody could say. I only say that certain a great deal. Thanks expresses extreme gratitude, humbleness, understanding.”

— Alice Master

“Be grateful for which you’ve you’ll finish up getting more. If you consider what it’s not necessary, you won’t ever, have enough.”

— Oprah

“Let us rise and become grateful, for when we didn’t become familiar with a lot today, a minimum of we learned just a little, and when we didn’t become familiar with a little, at least we didn’t become ill, and when we got sick, a minimum of we didn’t die so, let’s be grateful.”

— The Buddha

“I am grateful for laughter, except when milk arrives of my nose.”

— Woodsy Allen

Happy Thanksgiving in the Fit Brains team!


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