What we are grateful for: happy thanksgiving in the townhall team – townhall.com staff

What we are grateful for: happy thanksgiving in the townhall team - townhall.com staff effort and the

The editorial team at Townhall want to wish everybody a really happy Thanksgiving. Here are the things we are grateful for in 2015:


Here i am at another Thanksgiving and i’m overwhelmed with gratitude its my benefits: a healthy body, a loving family, supportive and dependable buddies who seem like family, my dog, a hot home, incredible existence encounters, fulfilling employment having a great boss, important existence encounters, the Usa and a whole lot.

I’m especially grateful to my pal Donal Blaney, who graciously located me working in london this season the very first time. Within my trip, I could see first hands the key work the Margaret Thatcher Center does to preserve the legacy from the Iron Lady.

While you sit lower together with your families today, don’t forget the women and men serving within our military and intelligence communities who will not be aware of their own, I’m certainly grateful for his or her sacrifice and persistence for keeping us safe. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

-Katie Pavlich, Editor


I’m, as always, deeply grateful in my loving family, my amazing buddies, my a healthy body, my fulfilling career, and my wonderful colleagues at both Townhall and Fox News. This season continues to be an eventful one. I am grateful for that support and kindness owned by me by a lot of in May — as well as for individuals who helped to make our fun exhausting book tour within the summer time successful. Personally i think particularly fortunate to understand my pal Mary Katharine Pork, and her two beautiful children.

Which list wouldn’t be complete with no shout-to the 9-2 Northwestern Wildcats. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Guy Benson, Political Editor


Initially when i first sitting lower to create things i was grateful with this year, without realizing it’ authored the very same first sentence as this past year. Not because nothing has altered within my existence speculate throughout that change I’ve God alone by way of thanking. Today, as well as every day, Thx to Him for everything I’ve acquired and lost. While you gather with buddies and family today and think about what you’re grateful for, remember God’s role throughout it and appreciate Him. Happy Thanksgiving!

-Leah Barkoukis, Online Features Editor


I’m grateful to God for blessing me having a loving, encouraging (and growing) family, lasting friendships and fun colleagues who allow it to be very easy arrive at work everyday.

I’m grateful for the women and men in uniform. Veterans Day is however a glimpse into how you should be treating our courageous soldiers. Free pancakes and discounted your meals are great, but annually perks are hardly enough by way of thanking them. We ought to attempt to help remind our vets everyday their services are both respected and appreciated.

I’m grateful to have an election season that never bores. I can’t help but be grateful to anybody prepared to dedicate several weeks of the existence on the bus touring the nation, ending up in Americans and providing an ear for their needs. Leading the U . s . States isn’t any small task. Thanks, candidates, for applying to do the job.

I’m grateful for that recollections Paris provided this year when studying abroad in Europe. Probably the most unforgettable moments of my semaine à Paris was watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle within the twilight. The romantic great thing about Paris can’t ever be extinguished by terrorist thugs (to quote BBC).

Cher France, nous sommes avec vous.

Finally, I’m grateful to the readers for selecting Townhall his or her news source. Appreciate not only studying the website, but engaging us with entertaining and frequently insightful comments, as well as for catching our silly errors – a rarely occurrence, obviously.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

-Cortney O’Brien, Deputy News Editor


This season would be a good website at occasions, and I am grateful to possess become through it successfully. I am forever grateful to some loving God to be there for everything and guiding me perfectly into a positive path.

I’m grateful in my buddies, both individuals who live near me as well as for individuals who live a long way away, but for the miracle that’s the internet to keep the planet very small. I am grateful for that possibilities I have had in the last year to visit round the country to go to new places to determine old buddies. I am grateful to possess had the ability to see Pope Francis throughout his trip to the U.S. captured, and also to have had the ability to witness the pleasure His Holiness introduced to Washington.

And, obviously, I could not finish their list without having to say how I am grateful for that Providence College Men’s Ice Hockey team, who provided among the most joyful nights of my existence earlier this April using their insane, come-from-behind victory to win their first NCAA National Title. Exactly what a blessing it had been to possess had the ability to witness that.

I think you’ll all possess a happy Thanksgiving!

-Christine Rousselle, Managing Web Editor


There’s a great deal to be grateful with this year. Obviously, I’m always grateful to possess a supportive and loving family who required me in at four several weeks from Columbia. I’m grateful for the troops who’re keeping us safe, our Bill of Legal rights, particularly the Second Amendment, and for the freedoms we’ve within this country (and those we at occasions ignore). I’m especially grateful to become using a great editorial team who keep me going every single day while writing for Townhall. Besides family, one couldn’t request a better supply of support. Lastly, I’m grateful for that newest edition towards the Vespa clan, little Graeme, who showed up in September.

I think you’ll have the ability to a contented Thanksgiving.

-Matt Vespa, Affiliate Editor


I’m grateful to become a united states. My home is the finest country available. I’m grateful in my family and proud to become a leader and mentor in my two more youthful siblings, John Promote and Samuel Thomas. I’m grateful for getting a mom and dad who’ve trained me effort and the way to be considered a gentleman. I’m grateful for those individuals who’ve been part of my existence. I’m grateful in my founding fathers, who risked their lives and fortunes on the cause which has granted us a wonderful existence. I’m grateful to any or all individuals who’ve died fighting in my method of existence. One youthful man doesn’t deserve all of the benefits which i have obtained which is my duty to take full advantage of them each day. Happy Thanksgiving.

-Justin Holcomb, Web Editor


What we are grateful for: happy thanksgiving in the townhall team - townhall.com staff at occasions ignore

I’m grateful for God, Country, Family and Corps, for the reason that order. God fortunate me with my Country, my loved ones and my siblings and siblings serving with of me, as well as for that i’m grateful. My Country fortunate me using the chance for everyone, as well as for that i’m Grateful. My loved ones fortunate me with unwavering support throughout my existence, as well as for that i’m grateful. The Corps fortunate me using the perspective to count my benefits and also the will to safeguard them, as well as for that i’m grateful.

-Leigh Wolf, Video Production Manager


This season, I am surprisingly grateful for change — and not the kind guaranteed with a politician or even the kind you discover on the street (although, that’s always a welcomed surprise), but the type of change which makes existence just a little crazy, but exciting, before turning a brand new page.

2015, for me personally, continues to be marked by planned and unplanned alternation in both my personal and professional existence, which looking back, has provided me more pleasure than I possibly could have anticipated. The Townhall Media team is enjoying new space and a few new faces, and I am enjoying learning the strength of several layers of socks within its northern border East.

Regardless of this year’s non-stop movement, I am grateful to still participate an incredible team brought with a great boss with colleagues I cherish and respect. Obviously, none of that might be possible with no love and support from my loved ones and shut buddies – who, on the top of anything else within their lives, are helping me plan a marriage! And That I have to provide a special shout to my momma and siblings, who from a large number of miles away, never allow me to forget their love.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Appreciate your ongoing support through the years, so we expect to discussing a thrilling 2016 along with you.

-Amanda Munoz, Exterior Relations Director, Townhall Media


2015 continues to be an incredible year and there’s plenty to become grateful for. First and foremost I’m grateful in my amazingly supportive family (especially my Mother) and buddies. I’m extremely grateful to take part in the astonishing Townhall team arriving to utilize them everyday rocks !. I’d be lost without my technology and social networking, so I’m clearly very grateful for individuals. Finally, you should be grateful constantly we have the freedoms we all do, and don’t forget the women and men who’ve given a lot to safeguard America. This Thanksgiving take time to hand back to some Vet in need of assistance, it may really go a lengthy way. Happy Thanksgiving to any or all!

-Storm Paglia, Staff Assistant


This season, I’m grateful to achieve the chance to start act as an intern at Townhall. Working alongside these incredibly gifted and welcoming people is a true blessing within my existence.

This Thanksgiving, I count myself lucky to become a united states, and to possess a loving family to come back the place to find. I’m grateful in my buddies and my education. I applaud law enforcement officials, who risk their safety every single day to safeguard our communities. Oh, and I am grateful for coffee. (It’s finals season.) Happy Thanksgiving!

-Stephen Self, Editorial Intern

Resourse: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/townhallcomstaff/2015/11/26/



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