Happy thanksgiving from purdue convocations

Student walking to ArcAttack Matinee at Purdue, November 2016To date in 2016, our Preschool through Grade 12 activities incorporated:

  • 6 weekday student matinees around the Purdue campus and 19 off-campus performances and artist residencies in area schools
  • Over 8,600 students attended
  • 2,253 scholarships provided
  • $16,043 in ticket scholarships and transportation scholarships was distributed because of generous individual contributors and corporations.
  • Teacher Group Orders subsidized for less than $10 per ticket.

College-Level Activities Thanks to Supporters

  • Purdue on campus residency with artists from Subsidized ticket vouchers for less than $10 whenever a faculty member connects a performance to curriculum
  • On-campus residencies
  • Master classes on special topics

We’re grateful for the student organizations

President and Vice President of Convocations Volunteer Network: Evan Bishop and Trey TemplinWe’d like to appreciate our student organizations for all their effort all year round.  Although a lot of their efforts can happen behind the curtain, they remain part of the items makes Convocations great!

  • Student Concert Committee: 16 student people which have been selected with an application and procedure to advise Purdue Convocations about popular entertainment options for Purdue students around the West Lafayette campus.
  • TEDxPurdueU: an individually organized TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) event, uses storytelling to nurture a culture of innovation through discussing ideas produced by Purdue students, faculty, alumni, and community people using the global TED community.
  • Convocations Volunteer Network:  students group that can help support and promote Convocations performing arts occasions

Possess a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Resourse: https://purdue.edu/convocations/happy-thanksgiving/

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