Happy thanksgiving from serious eats

Happy thanksgiving from serious eats experienced happy

[Photograph: J. Kenji López-Alt]

As Serious Eats overlord, I wish to take the time to provide thanks once we celebrate our ninth Thanksgiving wonderful you, our beloved Serious Eats community. To begin with, I wish to thank our community of significant Eaters, that is now millions strong, for supporting us with regular appointments with our website. We lately received an e-mail from the readers which i hope reflects the emotions a lot of you’ve for the work:

"Hi Serious Eats Team—I desired to express gratitude. I’ve cooked a lot of your recipes and shared all of them with many buddies. It’s your content, how you keep it in check, it’s everything. It is the collective you! A lot of people have experienced happy homes with happy meals due to the work you need to do.Inch

If I needed to describe the main mission of significant Eats, I could not have stated it much better than that: Making people happy through good meals are what we should truly attempted to do almost ten years ago, which is indeed a collective effort.

Leading me to my second round of thanks, that is for the whole Serious Eats staff and every one of our contributors. I could not be prouder from the team we’ve come up with. Each and every person in our employees are towards the top of their game, and, while our readers see the fruit of the tireless labor on the website, the hrs and times of dedication which go into every single publish. Our Thanksgiving coverage continues to be doubly impressive this season, given it had become created in the middle of moving right into a pretty raw space inside a different borough of recent You are able to, making the achievements our staff even more outstanding.

Finally, I must thank the great folks at Fexy Media: They’ve provided us with the lack of ability to try everything i was doing before they acquired us, and more. The folks at Fexy make a lot more things possible on the website, and, as creative-business owners, that’s all we are able to request.

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The Food Lab's Sage and Sausage Stuffing (or Dressing)


abmorse1: I made this last year and can add one tip: Reserve some of the uncooked stuffing from the baking pan. Hide it in the fridge overnight and throw it in your waffle maker on black friday.

Hank Arnold: I've been making this Recipe for 30 years, and my Mother-in-law for decades before that. I make a little bigger recipe as some folks like it cooked dry, and others nice and mushy like Kenji does, so I use more onions (2-3) and sausage (2 pounds), but the end result is the same. And, it's absolutely better made at least ONE day ahead of your dinner, the flavour explodes after sitting for a day.\n\nThis stuffing is too good for just once a year, I cook it a few times a year it's sooooo gooood!

Mitch Orton: You, sir, are an American Hero. I'll be making this stuffing this year, thereby saving my family from the horrors of shudder box stuffing.

Bruce Cook: Sear and put some thick pork chops on a small layer of dressing and cover with the rest of the dressing.

Gtothee: I just made this for Thanksgiving and it was beyond amazing!!

Michael H: This is a great video. Thanks for posting!

Kirby Weldon: I'm pretty sure I'm actually most thankful for the gravy. The stuffing is probably second in line, though.

Samuel Park: This video was so helpful. I always wondered why the recipe calls for sauteing everything in a dutch oven first and then putting it into a casserole dish. Why couldn't you just saute everything in a skillet? Now I see that its just way too much stuff to fit in a single skillet.

Saltycrabs: Kenji how did you get my mom's stuffing recipe? That recipe is a family secret lol.

Leekersen Pinto: why not blend the bread into a powder?

Zachary Martinez: comment #24 whoooo XD

clavo1975: Just got it into the oven, now awaiting the payoff.

Klapaucius Fitzpatrick: I don't understand sorry 🙁 What are you supposed to put inside the turkey ?

James McNulty: NOTHING!

Klapaucius Fitzpatrick: Ha ! I thought stuffing meant that

Donna Leflore: I was wondering how you make croutons? Just cut the bread just like that and sprinkle with seasoning and spray with butter? That dish looks so good.

Christian Tao: What are some brand names of pullman loaf type breads that can be bought from a typical supermarket? Does Kenji have a recommendation for a brand?

Christian Tao: Thanks! Do you know if the milk bread loaves at Chinese and Japanese bakeries like in Ranch 99 similar to pullman loaves?

J. Kenji López-Alt: +Christian Tao those should work yes!

threnx: I'm going to make this. I can already hear the relatives complaining about the texture but I am tired of dry stuffing every year, made edible only by saturating with gravy, but too bad for them!