Happy thanksgiving! hugh jackman, kris jenner, more celebrs share gratitude

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Crazy Nerd: I'm thankful of gods many blessings!

Neke _017: Lol! This is GOOOOOOOOD

kimspencer0602: Im thankful that God chose me to be a soldier of light-to shine for his glory

DeMoN555able: Ah,that christian humor

crazysox305: im pretty sure they were just messing around :)

Miranda Williams: I love y'all!!!

TopDogJen1234: Haha, "yep"

Annette Nabayi: umm, i live in the third world country, God always provide4 me, i never lack, i was just after the message anyway!!.

David Johnson: thats bout it\n\nXD

Avey Owyns: that happens to me all the time – on both sides of the conversation.

littledrummerboyph: @Etudianteindigne I'm all for looking with a new eye. More people should be open to discussion with views other than their own. The kingdom of heaven is here- good answer. What about the other references to heaven, and the judgements set for the end of time? You didn't mention anything about the grave. Also, if the lake of fire is only physical and here on earth, it will be destroyed when the earth is obliterated to make way for a new creation. Satan is to be sentenced there for eternity.

littledrummerboyph: @Etudianteindigne Why then, pray tell, are the kingdom of heaven and the grave/darkness/lake of fire to be found in the Bible? I agree that most views of them are quite distorted, but they're real nonetheless, and their purpose is to bring God glory. That's the purpose of EVERYTHING. Jesus died on the cross so I could be saved from my sin, because my being saved from sin glorifies God. Hell exists and people go there if they don't repent to show that God is just, and this brings him glory, too. 

Rebecca Shingledecker: BEAUTIFUL!!!

ht3696: this is great!

World Culture Trip: AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA \r\nhe's got a point, that's all we need to be thankful for because that's something the entire WORLD has in common to be thankful for 

Tadele: that is soooo true ….

damianos1122: we are always to be reminded and to be fankful for Jesus has done for us and what he continues to do for us

A Jacques: love it!