Happy thanksgiving! – social capital – medium

Happy thanksgiving! – social capital – medium room eating Poultry

This can be a pre-Thanksgiving observe that I delivered to we at Social Capital. More in the future on things we’re focusing on publish-election to bridge the divide.

Hi Everybody,

I needed to require all of you a really Happy Thanksgiving. I do not have to let you know all just how much everyone has to become grateful for. I’m certainly grateful its you.

Thanksgiving is my personal favorite Holiday. However it wasn’t always by doing this. From the my first couple of Thanksgiving Holidays, being an worldwide student at Purdue, put in my dorm room eating Poultry Bologna sandwiches playing Duke Nukem. Fortunately 2 decades of effort has led to an effective Thanksgiving spread with my (Aaliya’s) family in LA. 🙂 It’s honestly become my personal favorite day of the season since it makes me believe that my American Dream continues to be realized — family, food, fun.

So why do I write this squishy note?

#1 I really like Thanksgiving.

#2 We reside in a country (and world) where we don’t truly understand one another.

Our country is split which feeling may carryover towards the Thanksgiving dining room table this season. No matter who the individual alongside you voted for 2 days ago, they’re your loved ones or perhaps a good friend. Those are the ones who definitely are with you when occasions work great or terrible. So make sure to take time to understand and discover from one another especially should there be variations in opinion. You will be surprised. Everybody wants exactly the same things. You want to be understood. We would like one anothers empathy. You want to move ahead on the right track. More than ever before it’s a time for people appreciate, respect and understand one another. Every one of us is really a bridge to another side. So spread the romance freely.

Don’t forget forget our mission at Social Capital. It’s to succeed humanity by solving the world’s finest problems…let’s do this a few days ago by spending time with this nearest ones. I’ll be from email just doing that. 🙂


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Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Amazes with LIVE On Air Readings!


Tammy: The bald guy didn't want to admit to anything, lol found that funny 🙂 I'm not even sure how I got here because I don't usually watch this kind of thing but find I can't stop…I'm on a Matt Fraser marathon :)

Google User: He talks a lot but it's just because he's getting so much information all at once.

Carina Kristensen: Think he looks a bit like Ronaldo the football player 🙂 Not bad at all and also he is a very likable person.

Missditabomb: "The Postal Carrier from Heaven". Good self-description!! :o)

Neil Swiger: …he needs a reality tv show…

Lyne E. A.: What a light he has…I feel he's an old soul! I love to hear when he says "experience!"

Heidi Yin: He is amazing

anna lewis: Proud of you Matt God Blessed You also

Sam Avery: Man— he talks fast !!!

Lady Capone: This guy is so good. But he talks so fast that it doesn't give the person time to comprehend what he just did or said. Kinda like a magician with no stage presence so it feels like there's nothing special. Theresa Caputo gives maybe half the info he gives but she has showmanship. That's why she's famous… I hope u learn some showmanship and make it to the top. Cuz all these other phonies have the showmanship but no skills. If you could just do a little you'd be gold kid! Rooting for u! Nice job!

wtglb: Was at your show last night in Marlborough, it was great!

John Mcluren: Matt you are such a lovely person

Anne A: Please come to GOLD COAST QLD AUSTRALIA! :):)

Jack Jameson: +Anne A baee

Wulan Mar: I never said good bye to my dad when he passed away 6 years ago :(

DJ AFTERDUST: Hi Matt,If i were to give You a photo of me,would You be able to tell me anything please?

ureckn so: Motor mouth & loud

Derek Stynes: Hey Matt I hope You get over to the UK soon!

yvonneost12: He can talk fast —– i'm not sure I can listen that fast hahahahahah

yvonneost12: phew !!!! does he breath ?????