Happy thanksgiving – the actual existence rd

Thanksgiving within the city rocks ! since the city is quieter and individuals are better.

And all sorts of Christmas adornments have been in full pressure therefore it formally seems like christmas.


We’d a girlfriend sleepover inside my friend Jena’s because Brittany is at town from Dallas. She was my old roommate and is sort of a sister therefore it am fun and special to enjoy together with her – it seems like she never left.

I headed to a health club for any quick workout Thursday morning while Jena prepped brunch.


Then Nick and also the boys came over around 10 so we all laid around the couch, viewed the parade,  sipped mimosas, and ate pumpkin pancakes, fruit, bacon, eggs, and yams zoodles. And discussing what we should were grateful for. It had been the very best – since i sitting inside a room with my nearest people and that i recognized just how much I take these friendships as a given.


We left there around 1pm and headed to Nick’s apartment to prepare. We made yams casserole, eco-friendly bean casserole and apple crisp. I’m bias, however i think all of them switched out pretty great. Yams casserole is much like My Personal Favorite.


We headed to our friend’s apt a couple of blocks south around 4:30 and sipped wine basically we anxiously waited around the poultry to obtain done. Jordan to be the domesticated southerner she’s basted the poultry in whiskey, any fruit juice and butter making an insanely addicting stuffing according to her grandma’s recipe that incorporated cornbread and breakfast sausage. I really hate stuffing because it’s usually gummy however i returned for seconds about this. So great.



Among the boys introduced blueberry pudding from Magnolia Loaves of bread and everyone..this is among the best desserts within the city. Such as the name blueberry pudding does nothing for me personally, I am not looking forward to it, however when you taste this you’ll lose the mind.


So Nick and that i split this plate of dessert, crips and pudding and brownies, after which announced ourselves happily stuffed.

Today I biked lower to Nick’s, we ran 5 miles across the West Side highway, got coffee from Stumptown coupled with avocado toast in the morning. Now we’re addressing a jillion save-the-dates and intend on eating stuffing and poultry for supper.


After which roller skating at Rockefeller tonight! I think you’ll were built with a wonderful Thanksgiving and therefore are getting a restful Friday. I’m so so grateful for every single certainly one of you! Appreciate ongoing to see your blog, comment and send emails, and share the content of just living freely. If only I possibly could squeeze you both. You’re unique. Cheers towards the holidays and also to the weekend!

This morning I biked down to Nick' title=


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