Happy thanksgiving wishes, images, messages and photographs 2016

  • “Sing songs of merriment, sing songs of pleasure, sing in high spirits and good belief too…

    but do you not forget to sing an audio lesson of thankfulness,

    for Thanksgiving is about being grateful for one’s benefits,

    so it’s possible to be fortunate once again, once again!

  • “Some friendships be beautiful with time.

    Appreciate the colour you set to my existence!

    If only a sincere Thanksgiving.

  • Your friendship makes my existence more significant. Appreciate always being by my side.

    Appreciate making the planet a much better place, and first and foremost appreciate being my favorite


  • Basically count my benefits I’ll count you two times. Thank you for being this type of great friend.
  • I’m grateful for the pleasure that you simply bring into my existence. Happy thanksgiving friend!
  • Fortunate are individuals that may give without remembering and receive without failing to remember.
  • You will know right before that first Thanksgiving dinner there is one wise, old Native American lady saying. Don’t feed them. Should you feed them, they’ll never leave.
  • The factor I’m most grateful about at this time is that you simply. Appreciate everything, happy Thanksgiving!
  • Lucky ought to be my name, for I’m fortunate and grateful to possess you within my existence. Happy thanksgiving my pal!

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Funny Thanksgiving Day 2016 Wishes

“Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hrs to organize. They’re ingested in twelve minutes. Half-occasions take twelve minutes. This isn’t coincidence.”

― Erma Bombeck

“After a great dinner it’s possible to forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” – Oscar Wilde

“Thanksgiving, man. A bad day-to be my pants.” ― Kevin James

“You let you know ate an excessive amount of for Thanksgiving if you need to enable your robe out.” —Jay Leno

Happy Thanksgiving Greetings 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Greetings 2016

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes Wishes by Famous Personalities

Alice B. Toklas: What’s sauce for that goose might be sauce for that gander however is not always sauce for that chicken, the duck, the poultry or even the guinea hen. Happy Thanksgiving Wishes 2016.

George Carlin: We’re getting something quite different this season for Thanksgiving. Rather of the poultry, we’re getting a swan. You receive more stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving Messages 2016.

Mitch Hedberg: I personally don’t like turkeys. Should you stand it the meat section in the supermarket lengthy enough, you start getting mad at turkeys. There’s poultry pork, poultry bologna, poultry pastrami. Some one should tell the poultry, ‘man, you need to be yourself. Happy Thanksgiving 2016.

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary: Poultry: A sizable bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious wedding anniversaries has got the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving 2016.

Ellen Orleans: I’ve strong doubts the first Thanksgiving even remotely was similar to the ‘history’ I had been told in second grade. But thinking about that (with regards to holidays) mainstream America’s traditions are usually over-eating, shopping, or getting drunk, I guess it’s magic that the idea of giving thanks even surfaces whatsoever. Happy Thanksgiving 2016.

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