Jesse trump’s thanksgiving greetings: printable cards featuring the particular words from the president-elect — quarta movement

So, within the spirit of this unity, we give these to you immediately Jesse Trump Thanksgiving cards, which we made around the online design template site Canva. (The Trump Twitter Archive is another wonderful tool, especially its curated “happy holidays” section.)


We made printable versions as PDFs: Just print them on US letter-size office paper, fold across the lines, and incorperate your personalized message. Here&rsquos the cake card, and here&rsquos the poultry card (each using the original tweets inside).

Give someone to a family member. Give someone to an opponent. And don&rsquot forget to look at Trump&rsquos signature collection, available solely at Macy&rsquos.


Trump Full Press Conference as President-Elect (HD) | ABC News


Putzeh: It confuses me, I am not from the states but I watched the first 10 minutes of this and all I herd was him saying how tremendous and amazing he is going to be and how people have told him how amazing he is and how he will create jobs, tremendous jobs, great jobs… nothing of actual substance was said… he has a way of rambling on for an hour and not saying anything except "i said id do a great job, im going to do a great job, ive done a great job" job job job. Sounds kind of pointless.

Brulle2: I cannot believe people are so fucking crazy in this comment section. It blows my mind, i mean listen to him, he just rambles the same points that he already have over and over again. How is people not hearing this? Wth is going on?

Plumpstery: I LOVE YOU OBAMA

Tomas Kuli: Velo1010 Fake news

beeteep60: Trump is proof that you don't gonna be poor to be white trash

NYC Fuck Trump: Mexico is not paying for the Wall let trump supporters pay for the Wall

Rob Allen: WTF

canyousmellasmell: How can 600,000 people supposedly watch this, and not vomit.  Trump is such a bullshit artist!  Wake up merica.

JaxWash: canyousmellasmell = Short bus moron.

june may: Because it's not normal to vomit whilst listening to words, wake up baby!

Mike Rodriguez: Never have I felt so disappointed to be an American… This is such a awkward change after Obama haha. :\

Paul Sparrow: Yeah, all those noises Obama made in press conferences, like "ah" or "um" were terrible. God forbid a president take 2 seconds to think about what he is about to say. By your logic at1212b, the leader of the free world should just scream and holler like the drunkest guy sitting at the end of the bar. ENJOY PRESIDENT TRUMP, you worthless faded CUMSTAIN. Even if he gets to the 2020 election, Elizabeth Warren will mop the floor with his worthless ass.

koningkont: Soon to be president silences a news organization critical of him ans you faggots cheer.

Queenie Isn't Here: these are the same anti-american, fake-outrage idiots who see nothing wrong with trump having RUSSIAN "PRESS" in the oval office and banning american press, so…

Lukeeiiee: This presidency is going to be fun. I'll need more popcorn

Deborah Griffin: Lukeeiiee-LOL…LOL….

Aashish Paudel: I'm looking forward to it too.

BigDog: Trump is difficult to listen to, cant tie an idea together, lies through his teeth.

Banshee Hawk: without Russian help Trump wouldn't be president elect.

Rukia Kuchiki's Husbando: Banshee Hawk Keep believing that lmao