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The long awaited VIEWS album has finally been released and due to the 6 God we’ve new Instagram captions not less than the following six several weeks. Drake certainly returned into his Be Mindful bag with this album, and it is delivering feel great tracks, heavy lyrical content, and timeless punch lines.

Search for a couple of of my personal favorite caption worthy one-liners below. 


“All of my ‘let’s you need to be friends’ are buddies I do not have any longer.”- Keep Your Family Close


“I needed to forget about us to exhibit myself things i could do.” – Feel No Ways

“My opponents wanna be buddies with my other opponents. I do not allow it to reach me!” – Hype


“The only factor Used to do to finish up hear was place the operate in, and made it happen having a purpose.” – Weston Road Flows


“My old flex is my new flex now and we’re workin’ onto it.Inches – Controlla


“Used to possess secret handshakes to verify my friendships. Now-a-days they simply shake my hands simply to hide the strain.Inches – Weston Road Flows

“They gon’ think I won a Grammy.” – Grammys


“Last night, I acquired high as the expectations.” – Too Good


“You have no idea that which you just began. All I actually do is hang using the youthful and heartless.” – Pop Style


“Told ya I acquired Z’s from all of these other women. Sleepin’ on em girl, I’m sleepy.” – Fire & Desire


“I ensure that it stays 100 like I’m managing a fever.” – Views


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