20 milwaukee instagram photos we like

1. Anticipating art

Milwaukee Art Museum by @brandonexplores

Milwaukee Art Museum by @brandonexplores


2. Beach watch

Bradford Beach by @vrenov

Bradford Beach by @vrenov


3. Dramatic pair

Pabst Theater and Milwaukee City Hall by @meagainoneil

Pabst Theater and Milwaukee City Hall by @meagainoneil 


4. Fast lane

Harley Museum by @__heavy_metal__


5. Fresh views

Harbor House by @_agk_


6. Star player

Miller Park by @jonathantorrell


7. Fierce face

Milwaukee County Zoo by @justinleephotos1


8. Milk alchemy

Kopp’s Frozen Custard by @photog6


9. Blue Ribbon stay 

The Brewhouse Inn and Suites by @danvogues


10. Pointed training

Milwaukee Public Museum by @epcotexpert


11. Vivid encounters

Discovery World by @linehlau


12. Top hops

Lakefront Brewery by @bonessssa


13. Ornate elegance

The Pfister Hotel by @chyannerose


14. Glistening passage

Look at the 3rd Ward by @mickyisawesome


15. Heritage feast

German food by @shadteks


16. Reflecting style

Pabst Mansion by @josealezreal


17. Aerial advantage

Summerfest by @rmanske11


18. Shining performance

Marcus Center for that Performing Arts by @chrisdegnan


19. Espresso yourself  

Colectivo Coffee in the Milwaukee River Flushing Station by @wenzeldarren


20. Keeping time

North Point Lighthouse by @woulfer



Resourse: http://midwestliving.com/travel/wisconsin/milwaukee/20-milwaukee-instagram-photos-we-love/

Milwaukee Fuel Finish Nailers 2740-21 and 2742-20


Peter DeFazio: I own both the 16 gauge straight nailer and the 18 gauge brad nailer. – I can tell you that these things are fantastic. I shot over 300 nails in Red oak and Poplar, along with Maple & Cherry, and have not had one misfire. Every single nail was driven into the wood at a consistent depth. – They are not the lightest tools around, and the kickback is evident but tolerable. They just work, and work well! – These nailers are for finish work. If they never included bump fire, I wouldn't miss it. I will never use it in that mode. – If you are already invested in Milwaukee tools, these are no brainers. – Great video guys! #TIACREW

jokout1: I have been lucky enough to use the Rigid, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Mikita, Dewalt, and now the Milwaukee 18 ga. brad guns! I found the Ryobi and Porter Cable to be fairly precise, (small hole to fill, no double tap), but not as consistent and the Ryobi finally just failed to sink the nails at all, the Rigid was like using a sledge hammer to drive finish nails and no matter how you held the gun it would double tap leaving a lot of unsightly filling to be done! The Dewalt (older DC608), does a fairly good job similar in design to the PC, but uses old tech batteries and has limited run time. The Mikita just isn't a finished product and they really need to scrap it and go back to the drawing board! I finally thought I had found the perfect all around brad gun with the Milwaukee but I soon realized that this thing has it's issue as well!\n First off, while it is the fastest, most consistent and dependable battery brad gun I have experienced, it also has to be the most frustrating! It drives every nail sub-flush, but leaves a hole, or should I say CRATER, easily the size of a 15ga. finish nail! If I want a huge nail hole I'll use a 15 ga. gun! The gun is so over built I think the engineers decided to design a framing nailer and call it a brad gun! The sight lines on this thing are the worst of any finish nailer I have ever used, PERIOD! The nose and safety are so over built that is impossible to use in any kind of tight space, angle nailing just isn't an option and you will never be able to hide a brad down in the crevice of a piece of crown! The placement of the safety so far behind the over built head severely limits nail placement options, angling the gun in any direction results in a fail to fire or proud nails! This just isn't a fine quality finish tool!\n Milwaukee could learn a lesson from Ryobi or Porter Cable, they are MUCH better designed up front and will drive a nail completely at angles and tight spots!\n If Milwaukee would borrow the nose design of the Bostitch Smart Point finish guns and match the size of the driver to the 18ga. brad they would have the best Battery brad nailer on the market…Bar none!\n Are you listening Milwaukee, we know you can do SO much better! \nCheers!

TheRooster1122: Better than those damn Fuel Cell Nailers "Ahem" Can you say PAS………………LODE………!!!! ������������

coon88: Get a piece of red oak for the test if you can between that and poplar for paint grade that's probably the most common wood trim guys put in houses, unless it's a big timer might be cherry or walnut or mohogany

Al Cook: Awesome! #TIACREW ������

ummduhgmail: these things look HUGE. Seems like they'd be hard to get into tighter areas. I'll have to see it in person.

bart hunter: oh p.s. mine fires flawlessly into flat, tongue and groove any angle any wood the only reason it would not go in is if u pulled up on it (trying to make it look like it doesn t go in) thats the only way i could make mine not go in, intentionally timing it! ( but mine is angled not straight : )

bart hunter: hey guys i have the m18 15guage just wanted too add my 2 cents for the first time because…its become stupid with rumors biased reviews ..the one guy who gave a "race" and proclaimed some kind of victory really ignited the childish side of people and kept editting his comments to twist things, same guy tried to imply m18 batterys take more than 2 hours to charge when he was trying to build up another rotary hammer he blattantly lied!! none of mine even take an hour!! im no expert but i have almost every fuel tool milwaukee has and all my tools have this protection and i never had an issue unless i really beat the tool, aaand if i do it only takes a quik second for my tool too "reset" .HEY GUYS MY TOOL CAN DO BUMP FIRE OR SEQUENCIAL IN SEQUENCIAL DO I HAVE A SPECIAL ONE OR DOES YOURS ALSO? OR U FORGOT? : ) MAKES ME THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE NO MODES RIGHT: ) IF U HAVE BOTH IN ONE MODE!!! anyways i agree and think there should be some more over molding id like to see some around the front top part.. for some reason i carry it by the magazine and put it down upside down first and let it "fall if it wants too. well anyways just wanted to say goo milwaukee keep it up i will buy you re framing nailer( wwwhen it comes out)\nand ur max rotary hammer i have a personal request if u guys arent already doing it for the "max" uk secs are suggesting about a footpound more impact energy than my 2715 id like the option (maybe the one note thing) to reduce runtime to move closer to 5 or 5.5ft lb of the 1 9/16 corded i ll buy it it any ways i love the max bits!!! peace keep it up!!!!

Wild Goose: Nice review guys! How does it do firing the nail at an angle? others have commented that it can't sink the nail at an angle because the head is too big.

Tools In Action: Good question, I will ask Eric

Kieran Lachman: Nailing cordless is a beautiful thing. I've got the old Ridgid 18v finish nailer, which died on me recently, but worked great till now. Seems like there are mixed reviews on this 1st gen by Milwaukee. I'm inclined to go with Dans 1st instinct and pick up the DeWalt.

Matthew Fant: I very much like the Dewalt version much more. Seems like a better overall tool. But if you have all Milwaukee tools, why not?

Russ Webster: Nice overview guys. Makes it nice not to have to hook up the compressor. Would like to see the comparison with the Ryobi, Ridgid, DeWalt, and Milwaukee. #TIACREW

Tools In Action: It is coming

Erik Popovič: Guys,I want to ask something?Will these nailers need oil?

Tools In Action: no, maintenance free

Charlie Thompson: Cool review guys.Myself I Dont know why anyone would need bump feature on a finish nailer. #TIACREW

ummduhgmail: different uses for different folks. we use finish nailers for flooring, and while we wouldn't be able to use these guns for 5/16ths floors, we use on average 1k nails per 100 sq ft. 1 nail per 1" of width, 7" OC rows. Lots of bump nailing.

Boyd Tsosie: ryobi does everything else this tool can do without any recoil. good review tho.

Juan Fonseca: Minus the 18v lineup Milwaukee offers & warranty.