8 gossip girl quotes which will bring your instagram one stage further

8 gossip girl quotes which will bring your instagram one stage further damaged nose than the

1. "I am Chuck Bass."

Only slightly conceited.

2. "XOXO, Gossip Girl"


3."I do not need buddies, I want more champagne."

Most likely probably the most relatable captions.

4. "What’s Thanksgiving with no side of drama?"

On-site visit the machine. Beat the machine.

5. "Whomever stated that cash does not buy happiness did not know where you can shop."

Ah, I can tell the posh bags full of discounted products now.

6. "We make our very own fairytales."

All for female empowerment by means of a glass slipper.

7. "Better a damaged nose than the usual damaged heart."

One factor this caption screams— black & white-colored filter.

8. "Three words. Eight letters. Express it and I am yours."TBH, this caption would best be suited having a picture of my acai bowl from South Block.

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Gossip Girl Finale- GG Season 6 episode 10


Johanna Mila: chuck and blair, the best couple ever..

Gretel Hansel: I was smiling and crying throughout this episode.

itsvivienv: same here, I wish it wasn't over..

Carlene McLean: i'm so sad gossip girl's over but i think this was the best episode ever.

RB WIZKIDZ: this is like the best movie show ever am totally addicted

Debora Viel: so who was gossip girl

Tara Simic: dan humphrey

Diana Mocanu: you got the love – florence and the machine

Marina: Love serenate but the way dan n serena looked in each others eyes. I melted.

itsvivienv: Yeah, I think they r back together, Lilly & Rufus!

MusicLyrics15: +Alice Reichfeld but why did they kiss on lips than?

Sunny YoungEasy: +itsvivienv no they are not getting back together

Claudy: So Lilly and Serena's father are together? OR Lilly are with Rufus? In the video it seems like Rufus kissing Lilly on lips 🙂 Isn't? 

SivagNead: thank god im not the only one who cried because its all over :(

Thayna Santana: TAYLOR MOMSEN <3

Karen Blackman: Omg this has to be the best show ever …xoxo

danny wang: OMG!!! same song as in sex and the city!!! Sex and the City and Gossip girl… I could see some resemblance between the 2 shows!!!! best shows EVER. 1st resemblance :D\n

Ilona Rickert: why chuck not kissing blair ?? \nthe last kiss,..

Ilona Rickert: I´m crying ;((((((((((((

Natálie Jurdová: i think henry killed me when he yelled 'daddy' to chuck