Nine decades of macy’s thanksgiving day parade, in photos – curbed ny

↑ 1949: Harold has returned, and today he’s a baseball player, embodying the nation’s pastime. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1958: A Spaceman balloon, hung from the crane. Photo by Bettmann/CORBIS.

↑ 1961: Bullwinkle bakes an appearance, and it is taken colored, too. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1965: here comes Underdog! Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1966: It is a bird. It is a plane. No, this is an old-school Superman. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1968: This is actually the first-ever Snoopy balloon—Flying Ace Snoopy, more specifically. Six Snoop-tastic iterations follow. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1977: It’s Kermit. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1984: Raggedy Ann. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1985: Gloria Boop. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1988: Pink Panther. Photo via Macy’s.

↑ 1991: Spider-Man makes his very first. Photo via Macy’s.


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Photos – 11/24/05


gnistregn: i loved this segment, way too few of them :(

Luke Pettis: It seems like hardly any of these photo sketches are as good as the one where they watched American Idol.

rikuzi00007: or the golf trip

Burnham420: Wow, I remember watching this when it aired. I miss the old Late Night bits.

ChallengerDeepFan: if they hadn't applauded id be screwed

donzaloog1400: This is one of my favourites.

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