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    Greg Purnell: Terri, you are always uplifting, encouraging and faith-building! Thanks for your powerful words and thoughts!

    Jarelis Fonseca: Can you please add the link for this book if available for purchase? I love the way it looks. I also want to tell you I am grateful for God using you to help people like me find ourselves again through God and Jesus Christ as my savior. I recently purchased your book untangled and am absolutely in awe and accepting the truth it is speaking to me. <3 Thank you and may God continue to bless you :)

    caatherine john: Thank you Terri

    Chris Trammell: Terri! 30 Days of Gratitude!! With 30 Days of no Complaining!! Going to be a Journey of mindfulness and immense Joy! Can't wait to sit and talk to you in our gratefullll filllled futures!

    Lyne Mercado: thank you Terri i was so encourage and motivated i am looking forward to pursue God's Will for me… doing all this habits everyday.God bless you ������

    Ayomide Oribamise: I'm grateful I heard this powerful message

    Nitsey Bellefleur: Thank you Terry!!!

    Luchi: Thank you Terri and all your team for keeping me inspired!�� I'm going through a hard time and I was jusy asking God what to do. Now I know exactly what to do. Thank you so much and God bless you and your minister ������\n

    Jas EnglishLab: Thank You….:)

    Coca Mensah: Thank you Terri

    Jesse N: Great Video Terri, bet this attitude will have people in better moods everyday. Just took some notes while listening on a Saturday at work. \n\n1. Writing what your grateful for helps you relax?\nJim Rome may be a speaker to check out as well…

    kavitha sheelam: iam so greatful terri.keep going,god bless you����

    Ramir Enriquez: I'm thankful that you keep on making inspirational videos and speeches.

    Alessandra Arcangeli: Hi, Terri, I'm from Italy. Thank you so much for your great videos! I love all of them, they are so helpful and useful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Peasandhoney: My son is seven and he constantly tells me how grateful he is for me! Every since he was little we take turns saying things were grateful for: even the smallest of things. It is embedded in his heart.\nAnnie XX

    Ishaka Beatrice: Love you Terry

    Nina Nina: I have a grful heart.Thanx Terri

    Donald Chatendeuka: thank you Terri, I'm in for the challenge

    Tolu Sonubi: I was overwhelmed with so much anxiety and couldn't pray or sleep… I picked up my phn at 2am and this word of God from you has brought so much peace. Thank you Terri. I am grateful to God for you, for youtube and for the grace to listen to this timely word. God bless u and your team��

    WHOLENESS BEYOND: 30,day journey no complain.