30 thanksgiving card messages and sayings

30 thanksgiving card messages and sayings pray that the day is


    30 thanksgiving card messages and sayings meal and elastic waistbands

  1. Enable your home contain the heat of family members about this Thanksgiving day!

  2. May your poultry be fat as well as your body remain thin. Happy Thanksgiving for you and yours!

  3. Possess a Happy Thanksgiving! Choose that extra bit of pumpkin cake, laugh, and also have a grand time with family.

  4. There’s nothing much better than the odor of fresh-baked pies and poultry on Thanksgiving. I think you'll get it all! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Allow the smells from the food tickle onto your nose and… Oh crap, the poultry steered clear of! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Discrete your beltline, say elegance, and stuff the face this Thanksgiving!

  7. There’s anything heartwarming than spending this time around with dear family and buddies. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Be skeptical of poultry on Thanksgiving they create you tired! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. May your heart and plate be complete Thanksgiving day and every day after that!

  10. Wishing your family a Thanksgiving filled with pleasure, laughter and good food. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Praying the many benefits of Thanksgiving provide you with comfort and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Gobble Gobble! Some refer to it as “

    turkey day,” I refer to it as “

    eat poultry day!” Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Light your hearth, gather with family, consume food and become merry. Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

  14. Be grateful today with this year’s benefits and pray to allow them to double within the next year in the future. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. We're grateful for the food, family, benefits, and everything best to come. Amen!

  16. About this day when you are vocalizing your thankfulness, make sure to direct it to the Father in Paradise, for this is as simple as His elegance that people celebrate this very day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. May your poultry be fat as well as your wallet be fatter! Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Here’s to 1 blessing to another about this Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving for you!

  19. May the numerous benefits of Thanksgiving provide you with an outpouring of affection and heat. Happy Thanksgiving for you and yours.

  20. Here’s for you, dear friend, you have reasons every day to become grateful out of this day forward! Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. How did the poultry get pulled into all this anyway? Happy Poultry Day!

  22. Happy Poultry Day and all sorts of that other stuffing!

  23. God is nice constantly, constantly, God is nice! Happy Thanksgiving, count your benefits!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank god for the meal and elastic waistbands!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to some wonderful family. I pray that the day is stuffed with warmth, peace, and love.

  26. Allow the seating disorder for you begin! Happy Thanksgiving, get stuffed!

  27. What shall we be held grateful for? You! And poultry, plenty of poultry. Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. I really hope your Thanksgiving is stuffed with many different fun and family! Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. What did the poultry tell the hunter? Go cluck yourself! And so the poultry was clucked, stuffed, and cooked. Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Thanksgiving isn't about counting benefits when you are grateful for every single one. Happy Thanksgiving!

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